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HUALIAN 2013 Flap Sealer

It is useful for the sealing and packing of cartons, which can be single-unit operation or also equipped into production line.

HUALIAN 2013 Paper Sealer

1.constant heat seal 2.best quality 3.high efficiency 4.product with CE 5.Pass TUV/SGS/BV

HUALIAN 2013 Handy Sealer

1.impulse heat seal 2.easy operate and maintain 3.economical 4.with CE 5.pass TUV/SGS/BV

HUALIAN 2013 L Sealer

1.L-type manual sealer 2.less time, high efficiency 3.easy operate, economical 4.with CE 5.pass TUV/SGS/BV

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Easy operate home food saver vacuum food sealer

Easy operate home food saver vacuum food sealer Good seal suction strength Store food such as biscuit, bread, fruit, snacks

KZLS-32/19 Pneumatic metal steel strapping tensioner and sealer

metal steel strapping tensioner and sealer 1,Easy operation 2,Simple to maintain 3,light weight 4, easy moving

High quality Foot Plastic Film Sealer

High quality Foot Plastic Film Sealer good quality easy to operate hot sale cheap price

Cup Sealer - For Bubble/Boba Tea

Semi-automatic bubble tea cup sealing machine 1. LCD display 2. Full stainless steel 3. Easy to operation

Hot Products in Sealing Machines

M-168 Cup Sealing Machine

Fast and convenient Yuan Yang M-168 Sealing Machine, seal cup using film to replace traditional lids. Draws people attention

HUALIAN 2013 Skin Packaging Machine

It needn't moulds and the packing procedure is simple with the merits of transparent, beautiful, strong felling.

FBG-1 automatic plastic paper cup sealing machine

cup sealing machine 1.Automatic 2.For plastic& paper cups 3.small batch production 4.speed:500-600cup/hr.

Auto Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine MAP

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine keep food fresh, longer shelf life vacuum opitional gas opitional mould can change

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