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60/40 CVC 32*32 130*70 63" 2/1 cotton/polyester

We are professional in the cotton yarn & fabric production. CVC 60/40 cotton polyester count:32S density:130*70 width:63"2/1

polyester/cotton Quilting pads

various patterns (including straight lines, curves, ovoid etc) and special patterns can be made as per customer's requirements

elastic rib tank top

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Stripe white 100% cotton ribbed elastic

direct sell of 100% cotton ribbed elastic Elegant appearance. accept small order

Stripe elastic rib for girls puffy dresses

elastic rib 1.Polyester,cotton,nylon 2.Print,coated,embroidered,jacquard 3.For dress,underwear,bag,belt,hair tie,shoes

20MM/1.5MTR 100% cotton ribbed elastic(No17513)

1> 20MM/1.5MTR 100% cotton ribbed elastic(No17513) 2> imported rubber used 3> nice stretch rate, AZO free