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12v 12ah 6-DZM-12 batteries usage in electric vehicles 151*100*99mm

1. 12v 12ah 6-DZM-12 batteries usage in electric vehicles 151*100*99mm 2. 8% More working than similar product

Battery For Electric Wheelchair 12V 12AH

General AGM Vrla Battery UPS Battery VRLA Battery 12V 12AH

eec electric motorcycle battery

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Sealed Maintenance Free Lead Acid Electric 12V 12AH Motorcycle Battery

Lead Acid Electric 12V 12AH Motorcycle Battery 1.Low self-discharge 2.longer life span 3.Warranty1 year

LiFePO4 Battery' 48v 20ah electric motorcycle battery pack

a.48v 20ah lifepo4 battery for car with BMS b.battery pack c.ev battery d.battery for scooter e.high quality and cheap cost

MF lead acid electric motorcycle battery pack 12v 3ah lower price

MF motor battery 12v 3ah lower price Long service life Good starting performance High capacity 15 days delivery time

rechargeable 36v 20ah li-ion battery electric motorcycle battery pack

Rechargeable electric motorcycle battery pack High Power 20ah Low Self Discharge 16 Month Warranty, fast delivery CE ROSH

electric motorcycle battery 48v

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Friendly Environment 12v 180ah battery,electric motorcycle battery pack

12v 180ah e-motorcycle battery: 1.Lifespan>2000 times 2.Impedance is small 3.CE,UL,MSDS,UN38.3 4.100%security

electric motorcycle battery pack

a.Compact design; b.BMS was developed and designed by ourselves; c.thousands of cycle life at 100% DOD.

12V 80Ah electric motorcycle battery pack

12V 80Ah motorcycle battery pack 1.2000 times long cycle 2.smaller and light weight 3.powerful, green memory effect

6v motorbike battery electric trike motorcycle battery

1.Excellent starting performance 2.Long service life 3.Low rate self-discharged 4.Alight structure 5.Optimized design

new 60v 20ah li-ion battery pack / 60v 20ah electric motorcycle battery pack with CE and ROHS

60v 20ah lifepo4 liion battery pack for solar system 1,long cycle life 2,PCM protection 3,Accept customized

12v 120ah electric motorcycle battery

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electric motorcycle battery pack, 48v 40ah electric vehicle battery

1.material:Lithium Manganese Oxide 2.cycle life:1000cycles 3.certification:CE,UL 4.weight:About7kg 5.with charger and bag

12V/12ah Electric motorcycle batteries

12V/12ah motorcycle batteries 1. Ideal green and environmental protection battery. 2. Excellent high-temperature operatin

2014 37 Factory TOP Quality 24v/36v/48v lithium long cycle life 36v motorcycle battery electric bicycle battery

TNE is a high quality battery pack factory has 500 workers,produce 5k pcs ebike battery per month. We make 24V,36V,48V etc.

48V/60V 20AH Electric Motorcycle Battery

*Non -cadmium and *CE Certified *Rechargeable *Deep Cycle Battery *Higher Quality Than Chinese National Standard