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World's longest range electric motorcycle or scooter. 225 km (140 m) range, speeds to 130 km/h (79 mph). 10 kwh battery. 11 kw

super power electric scooter, electric motorcycle

super power motor 3000W / the max speed 65km/h,

2014 new deisgn mini 800W Electric motorcycle TDR48K136 with pedal

Electric motorcycle TDR48K136 1)Best quality & Patent registered 2)Original designed by ourselves 3)Colorful & pleasing ride

250cc classic vintage motorcycles

classic vintage motorcycles Engine Suzuki model 245cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke air- cooled Ignition CDI Starting Electri

electric motorcycle machinery

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ZEV T 8500 electric motorcycle

World's fastest and longest range electric motor scooter. 6 Kwh battery pack. 8500 watts continuous

Folding Electric Motorcycle

Great E Bike wich can be folded Easy to take on vacation into camper , boat or car Lithium battery and and high quality

Hot Selling Baby Electric Motorcycle ,Baby carrier motorcycle

1.Easy to operate and safe to play 2.With battery operated thus safty and environment friendly 3.can move forward and backward