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Precision testing equipment creepage distance test card

1.electrostatic prevention 2. measure creepage and clearance distances 3,test the shortest path between two conductive path

IEC 61032 Finger Test Probe B, IEC 61032,IEC 60035, IEC 6006 Standard Test Finger for Child Toy Safety Test

-IEC 61032 Finger Test Probe B -IEC 61032,IEC 60035, IEC 6006 Standard Test Finger -Child Toy Safety Test -Made in china

electric probe thermometer

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Electrical Safety probes IEC61032 Figure 2 (Fig 2) articulated test finger test probe B

1.IEC61032 ,IEC60335,IEC60529; 2.atriculated test finger; 3.stainless steel made; 4.quality first-competitive price.

Vehicle lighting system electric test probe 12volt

Electric test probe 12volt 1) test with power off 2) Tests 6&48V circuits 3)Contents: 1 continuity tester, 2AAA

INT'L Brand-"Hengming" electrical test probes by ISO CE certificate

electrical test probes The machine is widely used in industrial pollution discharge wastewater.