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R411 Well Logging Natural Gamma Probe

R411 Well Logging Natural Gamma Probe Measurement parameter: nature gamma.

pipe thermistor probe pt1000 with movable flange

pipe thermistor probe pt1000 with movable flange,pipe thermistor probe pt1000 with movable thread ,pipe thermistor probe pt1000

Logging Probe Series

Well Logging Probes for Combined sidewall/Natural Gamma/Resistivity/Temperature/stratum Lithology acquisition, strata division

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electric fence tester, insulators parts, eletric fence energizer and alarm

1.Push wire probe into moist soil. 2.Touch fence wire with brass point. 3.Lights indicate peak pulse voltage.

TLX TL8015A Electric Probe Thermometer Hygrometer Factory Supplier

Electric Probe Thermometer Hygrometer TL8015A 1. wired for reptile, pet room etc 2. temp &humidity display 3. CE varified

24v Electric Room Thermostat with Floor probe controller

7 day programmable 16amp,24vac 2 year warranty

Handle portable probe thermocouple

1. 100% qualified factory test 2. flexible and handheld 3. fast response, anti-vibration 4. wide temperature range: 0-1300

Continued hot 2014 electric underfloor heating thermostat

Certificates:CE, CQC, ROSH, SGS Temperature range:-35C~ 350C Rated at:16A/250V Stainless steel probe&capillary Optional knob

2 years warranty thermocouple with probe

1.Best lead time is available 2.High quality & Reasonable price 3.Customized 4.CSA,CE, ISO9001 5.Stable performance

thermo electric probe

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(UL/ROHS/SGS) Electrical Truck Temperature Sensor Probe

Digital temperature sensor DS18b20: 1.Multidrop capability simplifies distributed. 2.Zero standby power required. 3.ROHS

2013 APEX electrical test probes advanced and portable

electrical test probes: multiple test pilot lights with high intensity lighting easy to operate small space car circuit

Electrical Conductivity Water Tester Aquarium Long Probe 1999 microSiemens/cm EC Meter

*Eight Advantage, Best Choice of Analysis Instruments in KELILONG *Good technology and Service *The lowest price in the world

2012 New Type Electrical Testing Probes YF-1510

2012 New Type Electrical Testing Probes 1.Passed ISO9001:2008,CE 2.Accuracy:0.003mm 3.10 years factory 4.High quaity

Oscilloscope High voltage probe P6039A(220MHz,40KV)

High voltage probe(1000:1,220MHz,40KV) 10% sensitive/resolution Plastic case and outer carton box packing

electric probe thermometer

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Factory direct hot K-type electric Ougan isotherms TM902C, TES1310 Thermometer table sensor probe

1. professional equipment supplier 2. professional agent brand equipment 3. quality assurance, trustworthy

electric 50mil test probe pin and receptacle insertion tool with thread

pin insertion tool 1.high quality delivery 3.50,75 and 100 mil insertion tool

Fetal Heat Doppler with CE&ISO,Fetal Doppler.Fetal Doppler Probe

Fetal Doppler Probe High sensitivity probe, 2.0MHz Built-in 3.7V lithium rechargeable battery Power off automatically

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge Meter NF probes Eddy Current Function

Digital LCD Display Coating Thickness Gauge Meter with Operating principle of eddy current (NF).

Well Logging Probes for SP/Natural Gamma/Resistivity/Temperature

Well Logging Probes SP/ Natural Gamma/ Resistivity/ Temperature Geological Well Exploration.

Ultrasound Probe Volume Probe Siemens C7F2

Ultrasound Probe Volume Probe Siemens C7F2

electric probe cable

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voltage tester probe

digital voltage tester probe 1.Test range: AC12-250V 2.Specification:3*126mm 3.MOQ:4800PCS 4.with CE certificate

Four-Point Probes

SZT-2A Four-Point Probes

Amplifier Research FP7018/KIT General Probes

Amplifier Research FP7018/KIT General Probes

With Three Cone 45 Degrees Testing Probe, China pins

Testing Probe China Pins 1. Strong stability 2. Strong durability 3. High conductive 4. High frequency

Cabinet ET011 electronic thermostats and probe

Cabinet ET011 electronic thermostats and probe 1.High quantity 2.Simple connection 3.CE RoHS 4.OEM