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36v 20ah scooter battery/electric bike battery 6-dzm-20(12v 20ah/10hr)

36v 20ah scooter battery/electric bike battery 6-dzm-20 Good starting ability Long life time CE certified 14 months warranty

2014 newest style,Electric bike battery price for electric bicycle,e-moto,6-DZM-20(12V 20Ah) for 24V/36V/48V 20AH battery bank

Electric bike/e-moto 6-DZM-20 12v 20ah batterry Professional technical CE,ISO9001,ISO14001 Long service life Reliable use

Green lead acid battery container high voltage power supply 6-DZM-20

lead acid battery container 1)professional manufacturer and supplier 2)high quality, CE, ISO9001 3)OEM

Xupai Lead Acid Sealed Battery 6.dzm.20 for Vehicles

*Higher Quality Than Chinese National Standard *Non -cadmium *Rechargeable *OEM Available *CE Certified

electric vehicle battery nimh

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china battery manufacturer electric vehicle 12v 20ah 6-dzm-20 battery

6-dzm-20 battery 1) CE, ISO90001, etc 2) Deliver on time 3) safe& reliable 4) long service

electric vehicle battery for golf cart DEEP CYCLE

1) golf car battery 6V180Ah 2) deep cycle battery 3) Trojan spec. 4) CE certificated 5) one year WARRANTY

12v100ah vrla gel electric vehicle battery

1)CE/ISO9001,ISO14001 2)1 year warranty 3)OEM is welcome 4)2010 Shanghai Expo used 5)long usage life

Best electric vehicle battery 12v 18ah motor battery

1.Motor battery 2.Excellent starting performance . 3.Long service life. 4.Low rate self-discharged. 5.Greater vibration res

Electric bus battery / electric vehicle battery

Long mileage High C-Rate discharge Fast recharge Environmental friendly, maintance free Different voltages and capacities

24v lithium electric vehicle battery

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Electric vehicle battery 24V8AH

Electric vehicle battery 24V8AH

ZL power 6V maintance free rechargeable battery electric vehicle battery

1.Good deep discharge cycle capability 2.Excellent Recovery from Deep Discharge

Electric Vehicle Lithium Iron Battery LIFEPO4 Battery 3.2v 200Ah

LIFEPO4 Battery 3.2v 200ah 1.) Longest life, lightest size, smallest size 2.) Total Green Energy

For electric vehicle ICR18650-22P 2200mah 3.7v original samsung sdi battery

1. ICR18650-22P 2200mah 3.7v original samsung sdi battery 2. Fast lead time 3. UL verification 4. Perfect performance

GEB 24V 20Ah LiFePO4 Electric Vehicle Power Battery Pack Lithium ion Battery Pack

LiFePO4 battery pack 24V20Ah 1.Lighter weight, smaller size 2.longest life, 3.Eco friendly, safe, Fast charge

LiFePo4 12V 200AH battery car battery electric vehicle battery

LiFePo4 12V 200AH battery car battery electric vehicle battery 1.High discharge rate 2.Stable discharge under various temp

lifepo4 electric vehicle battery

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LiFePO4 (LFP) electric vehicle/car battery pack 72Volt 60Ah 5000W

1.The picture is our cell 2.72V 60Ah 5C-rate 3.LiFePO4 battery manufacturer 4.CE RoHS certificated 5.2000 cycle-life,

Electric vehicle AGM SLA battery 12v 200Ah

Non-Spillable construction Safety valve installation for explosion proof High quality and reliability Low self-discharge

China electric vehicle lithium battery XTY802528

1. 3.7v500mah 2. Llithium polymer/lipo/li-ion battery 3. lithium battery for mp3 Japan 4. CE approved

18650 electric vehicles battery pack 48v 10Ah

Electric vehicles battery pack 48v 10Ah Long cycling life High discharge rate Good product performance