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PL-2000 Electromagnetic induction Aluminium-foil Sealer

Electromagnetic induction Aluminium-foil Sealer

Electromagnetic Induction Sealer

1. electronic constant temperature control 2.Adopts integration, wind cooling 3.Adopts stainless steel shell.

electromagnet vibrator

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GLF-1300 automatic electromagnetic induction foil sealer

foil sealer 2. electromagnetic induction 3. Sealing Size: 15--60mm 4. Transfer speed: 0-12.5m/min

Floor Type Air-cooled Continuous Induction Sealer

This machine suitable for small dia. of the rib flat bottle caps,Electromagnetic Induction Sealer,induction sealing machinery,

Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil sealer

1.Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealer 2.suited on a large scale production. 3.good sealing quality, continued work.

electromagnetic induction cap sealer for small factories

1) induction cap sealer 2) sealing 15-70mm 3) 30-40bottles/min 4) electric driven,ready to use 5) can work continuously

e electromagnet

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Induction sealer

DG series portable and continuous induction sealer utilizes electromagnetic induction principle to produce instant high heat

Electromagnetic induction aluminum foil bottle sealer

1.easy operation good and fastened sealing 2.continuous sealing high productivity 3.stainless steel

Automatic electromagnetic sealer for large bottle

1)induction sealer 2)sealing cap dia.50-121mm 3)50-80pcs/min 4)full automatic,fast sealing 5)seal various bottles

DL-300 Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Machine Sealer / aluminum foil sealing machine / bottle sealing machine

1,Continuous Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine 2, Fits for plastic round bottles 3, Sealing Machine with appropriate price

bottle Induction Sealer

1,No effect of voltage fluctuation 2,Switching Power supplies 3,Continual working for whole day 4.CE

GLF-2100 Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil sealer

Aluminum Foil sealer 1.High capacity sealing 2.Good sealing,wrapping 3.Continue working display control