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elevator traction machine

elevator traction machine

Elevator traction machine ITG 160 series

The Italian Top Gears 160 elevator traction machine is possibly the best ones money can buy for payloads up to 1250 kg in 1:1

Schindler Elevator Control Cabinet Baseboard ID NR:590867

Schindler Elevator Control Cabinet Baseboard ID NR:590867 1.Competitive price 2.Quality warranty 3.Wide selling

High quality magnet motor|gearless traction machine elevator parts

1.gearless traction machine 2.Safe and reliable 3.Steady operation, low noise,anti-interference 4.Long working life

elevator gearless traction machine for 6 persons

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High Quality Home Lift Permanent Magnet Synchronous Gearless Elevator Traction Machine Make In China

Elevator Traction Machine 1.Safe and reliable 2.Steady operation, low noise,anti-interference 3.Long working life

VVVF passenger elevator gearless traction machine

Passenger elevator gearless traction machine 1.VVVF drive system time 22-45 days 2.CE,ISO9001,ISO14001 approved

Sanyo Geared Gearless Elevator Traction Machine

1.Sanyo geared gearless elevator traction machine 2.VVVF running 3.Low noise 4.ISO9001/CE/SGS certificated