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Chrome Green,Chromium Oxide Green,Chrome Oxide Green,Pigment Green 17(99%/99.5%)

Chromium Oxide /Chromium(III) oxide 99.2% CAS No.:1308-38-9 EINECS No.:215-160-9 MF:Cr2O3 Grenen crystalline power

Ceramic Encapsulated Pigments

Ceramic Encapsulated Pigment is Cadmium Red or Yellow pigment encapsulated in Zirconium etc.which can be used in Ceramic Glaze.

PU(polyurethane) Pigment Paste dispersion-C.I. Pigment black 7,carbon black

for truck tyres, passenger tire tread rubber, and require high strength, high wear-resisting rubber products.

enamel pigment of ceramic

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enamel pigment--aluminium-based transparent

enamel pigment--aluminium-based transparent1.Rich experience in export 2.Good reputation in the industry

enamel pigment--Titanium Ivory mica titanium pearl pigment from EL

titanium dioxide 1.high gloss, high durability 2.easy to wetting and dispersing 3.ISO9001:2008, REACH

enamel paint pigment prices of C.I.pigment yellow 37

Pigment Yellow 37, glass pigment High temperature resistance High light fastness resistance Acid resistance

glass enamel pigment

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Enamel pigment--cast-iron transparent

Enamel pigment cast-iron transparent

Inclusion Iron oxide orange pigment in enamel pigment

orange yellow iron oxide excellent phisical &chemical character high Conceal ability/coloring power

Ceramic pigment, enamel pigment, glazed pigment:peacock green

Enamel pigment, glazed pigment:peacock green Maximum firing temperature 1200 deg.c Printing medium(water or oil based)

enamel pigment cadmium red

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Z15A enamel pigment remove devicehigh temp.nickel ground coat

enamel pigment remove devicehigh temp.nickel ground coat, 1.Freckles removal 2.ce

MnCO3 manganese carbonate enamel pigment, varnish dryer industry

widely used in ferrite, desulfurizatio, porcelain glaze, varnish etc

Enamel pigment (Rutile pattern)

Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments(CICP) 1) Heat resistance: 1000'C 2) Light fastness: Grade 8 3) Weather resistance: Grade