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Cas No.13463-67-7 anatase titanium dioxide

Anatase grade Titanium Dioxide High quality, good whiteness, etc Used for plastics,rubber,paper, cosmetics, ceramic,etc.

High quality Titanium dioxide CAS No.: 13463-67-7

titanium dioxide 1, High hiding power 2, Neutral color 3, for ink, coating, paint etc. 4, MOQ:1MT

glass enamel pigment

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Ceramic pigment, enamel pigment, glazed pigment 17

Ceramic pigment, enamel pigment, glazed pigment 17 1 Heat Resistance pigments 2 High quality best price , on time delivery

Ink Pigment red 169 enamel pigment

Pigment Red 169 High strength and good light fastness Used for Plastic &Rubber Supply free samples

enamel anatase titan dioxid pigment compete Cosmo KA100

titanium dioxide anatase grade BA01-01, ISO9001:2008 Inspection High quality and competitive price

Enamel pigment (Rutile pattern)

Complex Inorganic Colored Pigments(CICP) 1) Heat resistance: 1000'C 2) Light fastness: Grade 8 3) Weather resistance: Grade

pearl pigment for ceramics and enamel manufacturering ceramic pigment colors

1)Strong coloring,good dispersion 2)Volume-produce 3)Stable quality 4)Suitable for all the craftwork of ceramics production

Enamel Pigment -Chrome Green DCM

Enamel Pigment -Chrome Green DCM 1. Consistent Color Shade 2. Golden and reliable supplier 3. High tinting and bluish greenin

enamel pigment cadmium red

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Yunzhu Multicolor pearlescent pigments enamel pigment

1.Non-toxic,good dispersibility 2.More colorful, and increase additional value

enamel pigment--Titanium Ivory mica titanium pearl pigment from EL

titanium dioxide 1.high gloss, high durability 2.easy to wetting and dispersing 3.ISO9001:2008, REACH

ceramic grade pearl pigment

1.high-end pearl effect pigment 2.nonmetallic but give a finishes metallic look 3.used in pottery and enamel industry etc.

W120 Black Inorganic Pigments

Export Quality W120 Black Inorganic Pigments used for coloring of porcelain enamel

Iron Oxide Pigment /yellow 313/pigment For Paints/pigment for concrete

Iron Oxide Pigment yellow 313 for color oil paint, rubber, plastics, constructional material, ceramics and enamel,etc