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YB2 explosion proof electric motor

explosion proof electric motor Explosion-proof marking: dIMb, d II AT4 Gb, d II BT4 Gb

Y series three phase induction motor

YL series three phase induction motor 1)Superior life,100% copper wire 2)CE certificate,OEM approve 3)0.55KW-200KW

energy saving motor projects

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160V-220V Energy Saving Brushless Servo Motor for Sewing Machine

1. 160V-220V Singe Phase 2. Cycles: 50/60 3. Variable Speed to 4500 RPM 4. Power: Up to 600W

energy saving brushless dc servo motor low price

brushless motor >low energy consumption >5000 sets production ability >ISO standard

1 year Guarrantied energy saving sewing machine motor

3U cfl lamp: CE & RoHS approved. Lifespan: 6000, 8000, 10000 hours Buttom prices will be offered!

Direct Drive Energy Saving Servo Motor For Sewing Machines

70-80 % Energy Saving Servo Motors For all Types of Sewing Machines Direct Drive

energy saving motor controller

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1050W to 3000W energy saving ac servo motor

1) Material: Class F 2)Protection class: IP65 3)Rated Speed:2000rpm 4)Rated Power : 1050W/1570W/2100W/3000W

240w Energy saving water pump motor

High efficiency up to 90% ,super energy saving , intelligent and silent water pump can be used for fresh and salty water both

High Efficiency cooling ventilation circuit energy saving motor

Energy saving AC motor 1.Protection Grade IP54/55 2.Poles2 4,6,8,10 3.Accordance to IEC standard 4.50HZ/60HZ