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epoxy glue for high pressure hose

Low viscosity, easy penetration of defoaming, permeability is good, cracking resistance is good , insulating property good

Epoxy Conductive Adhesive for Crystal Oscillator (DT1204-D013) synthesis by high viscosity epoxy glue 2.high conductive silver

WTS 3601AB thermal conductive epoxy AB glue for heat transfer

1. for microelectronic products, hot-electron devices 2. thermal sensors, high power heat pipes 3. thick film circuit etc.

conductive silver adhesive DT1204

LEED epoxy conductive adhesive is organic synthesis by high viscosity epoxy glue and high conductive silver.

artful glass glue

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Hot sell LD-168 A B component transparent epoxy resin glass laminating glue for glass products stick bonding sealing

LD-168 A B double component resin epoxy glue 1) High quality product 2) Certification: ISO 9100

liquid glass epoxy / window glue / gel adhesive

liquid glass epoxy / window glue / gel adhesive Size: 24ml Gel time: 5mins Features: Multi-function liquid epoxy

Kafuter Transparent Glass Glue Fast Epoxy Glue Epoxy Transparent Glue

epoxy transparent adhesive cure, transparent, two-part 2.envoronment, muti-purpose 3.can bond ANY substrates 20g/pic

auto glass glue

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Hot! shadowless glass UV glue

shadowless glass UV glue Transparent UV glue Standard export packing TT,Western Union MOQ: 1set

Clear Liquid Epoxy Resin AB Glue for Crystal

1.High adhesive strength and low ordor 2.Good water, oil and acid resistance 3.High transparency 4.5Mins cured

3M DP810NS Scotch-Weld acrylic epoxy resin glue 1:1 and 50ML

3M DP810NS Scotch-Weld acrylic epoxy resin glue two-part adhesive with1:1 mix ratio Size: 1:1 and 50ML Color:tan

Epoxy Glue AB Glue

AB Glue It suits for metal,plastic,ceramic,rubber,jewellery,glass . our production can made under your trade mark.

Epoxy Steel Glue AB Glue

Epoxy AB Glue 1. Germany quality 2. Competitive price 3. Professional service 4.Certificated:MSDS & SGS

epoxy glass carbon

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Household 502 super glue 3g/blister package

Super glue cyanoacrylate adhesive 1.5/2/2.5/3 gram.Fast,easy,super strong,rapid bonding,multi purpose,high quality raw material.

super glue

with instantly curing and affeted widely material , rubber , metal , cermal , glass , and so on

electrical conductive silver glue for LED, IC bonding

1 bonding wafer/chip to the PCB 2 good adhesion on ceramic/metal/plastic 3 EL, FPCB,ITO(PET+alumina/glass) 4 membrane switch

super glass glue

professional Factory with Strong adhesive,highly effective ,easy to use ,safe and Economical glue products, wood glue