a b epoxy glue

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SMD5050 12/24V led strip lighting epoxi glue Shenzhen factory

epoxi glue 1. DC12V/24V 2. Color: R/Y/B/G/W/WW/RGB 3. 2 years 4. CE&ROHS

Factory supplyer epoxy glue for glass and metal, two part glue

epoxy glue for glass and metal 1.Two parts 2.high flexibility, oil resistance 3 factory price

factory supply high quality epoxy resin pouring crack glue

pouring crack adhesive is a two-component modified epoxy resin adhesive Very strong penetration Anti-aging, water and acid

B-A6 Low Cost Dispenser for Solder Paste/Glue/Epoxy Resin famous factory in Shenzhen

Liquid Glue Dispenser 1. Uses air pressure within set time to push out liquid 2.Using timer to control each dripping time