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Heat resistance 2 part clear epoxy glue (A+B) 30ML

1.clear epoxy glue 2.heat resistance 3.2 part (A+B) 4.low price

2012 enviroment green epoxy glue

2012 enviroment green epoxy glue 1. enviroment green 2. high fastness 3. quick fixness

DTLSTAR Epoxy Marble Glue

Strong Adhesive Marble Glue Strong Bonding Strength Inodorous & Innocuous Fast Drying Easy Operating

a b epoxy glue

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Factory Kafuter Epoxy Glue for Ceramic Epoxy Glue for Plastic Super Glue for Stone

super glue for stone cure, transparent, two-part 2.envoronment, muti-purpose 3.can bond any substrates 4.20g/pairs

GuangDong factory MS sealant epoxy glue for ceramic

1,No VOC, no silicone, no bubbles curing, no odor 2,Anti-UV, anti-aging ,anti-weathering, anti-flooding and mildew

HM-100 stone glue epoxy adhesive factory direct

HM-100 stone glue epoxy adhesive with competitive price A-B components Suitable for marbles, tiles, ceramics, metals etc.

epoxy glue for chip

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Factory price AB epoxy doming resin crystal glue adhesive for plastic trademark metal badge article breast plate

Dual component AB doming resin glue 1)Resistance to yellowing transparent crystal products 2)ISO Certified products

3g Instant Glue , Epoxy Glue for House-using , 502 Adhesive

1.Super Glue 2.Blister Glue 12pcs/card 3.ISO9001(2000),ISO14001(2004) 4.Factory Direct (cheapest price )

ZR6105 Epoxy adhesive glue

ZR6105 Epoxy adhesive glue 1.Avoid moisture,dirt 2.Pass RoHS,SGS,ULcertifications samples accept 4.factory

epoxy glue & epoxy clear glue

5 min rapid Epoxy steel is based on the room temperature . having the features of 1/ solidifying rapidly within 3-5 mins

china pvc glue factory

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Chemical Sepuna - Professional epoxy structural adhesive glue factory

1.OEM,ODM 2. factory,manufacturer 3.Lowest price,Best service 4.Professional epoxy structural adhesive glue 5.MOQ: 500kg

epoxy resin glue

epoxy resin glue suitable for plywood, aluminum composite panel, fire board, plastic,wood, metal and other material adhesion

Epoxy Glue for Bondig Timber, Ceramic, Stone

Epoxy Glue for Bondig Timber, Ceramic, Stone 1) Hot sell in South America 2) SGS, MSDS certification.

high quality Puyang Good Quality SH-1304 epoxy resin glue

1.epoxy resin glue 2.Transparent, low smell volatility 3.Better fluidity and can improve the wetting of principal part materia