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Epoxy Adhesive, metal epoxy glue,plastic epoxy glue

Epoxy Adhesive, metal epoxy glue,plastic epoxy glue your color your needs

30 Minutes Clear Strong Epoxy Adhesive,Professional Economical Strong epoxy structural glue,China supplier of epoxy glue

Feature of Epoxy adhesive: 1.epoxy and sulfur curing agent 2.white&black mucus 3.solidifying 20-25 mins 4.hard material glue

new products F104 industry glue for aluminum honeycomb core epoxy adhesive

industry glue 1.application: aluminum honeycomb core and panel adhesive 2. material: Component A and Component B

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PCD Wing Removing Epoxy Glue Paint Concrete Floor Grinding Pad For Concrete Grinding Machine

1.One bar segment 2. 2no. 1/2 PCD 3.Trapezoid plate/shoe 4.Grit:30/40# 5.Concrete floor,epoxy or coating removal

acrylic glue for concrete

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Good quality epoxy glue for plastic

Good quality epoxy glue for plastic 1.Epoxy seal 2.Two components 3.Fast curing 4.Sulfur hardener

Hot selling concrete epoxy glue

high performance two component silicone sealant strong adhesion Good capacity Resistant to extreme temperature changes OEM

3m scotch-weld epoxy adhesive epoxy ab glue DP110, translucent

3M DP110 Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 1.color: translucent 2.size:50ml/pcs 3.package:12 pieces/carton 4.mix ratio(B:A):1:1

Kafuter General Purpose Epoxy Repair Glue for Inflatable Product

repair glue for inflatable product 1.general purpose black paste 2.seal in ceramics/wood/glass,etc 3. fast repair/seal the ga

epoxy glue for stone

1.Fine compressive property,stretch proof 2.Fine aging ,water ,weather,chemcial resistance

high temp epoxy ab glue for metal

high temp epoxy ab glue is a kind of room temperature/heating cured epoxy resin glue.

epoxy glue stud

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Rebar-planting Anchoring Glue for Reinforced concrete

A:Carrying anchoring force, excellent durability . B:Small slip , timely control substrate separation and deformation.

SL-1400 Structural cracks reinforcing epoxy resin glue

1. Structural cracks reinforcing epoxy resin 2. low adhesiveness resin 3. high strength resin 4. low shrink resin

Epoxy AB glue

Epoxy Resin AB glue series is a specially designed for household appliances and industrial uses special viscose.

Epoxy AB GLUE/epoxy steel adhesive

Epoxy AB GLUE/epoxy steel adhesive 1, Epoxy seal 2, Two components 3, Fast curing 4, Sulfur hardener

concrete epoxy glue

Recommended Model: C1TE Tile Adhesive Please visit our website for more products you need.

epoxy / glue / paint removal discs for concrete floor

Paint removal discs Epoxy, paint, glue grinding Concrete floor Chinese manufacturer, at competitive price Customizable

epoxy glue for transformers

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wet and dry timber epoxy resin concrete adhesive glue

epoxy resin concrete adhesive glue Non-toxic & No pollution Adheres well to wet and dry timber Strong bonding property & High

remove floor surface glue

1,Honda,electric 2,Quick-change drum 3,Non dust operation 4,Chip away concrete,asphalt,epoxy remove floor surface glue

super hard ceramic glue

super hard,fast drying ,no vertical flow. very suitable for metal,ceramics,concrete,stone,hard plastics,etc.

Crack Repair Glue/Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Good compatibility Good elasticity

Crack Pouring Epoxy Adhesive gap filling crack repairing glue

1.Strong penetration, low viscosity 2.High aging resistance and resist acids, alkalis and water etc.

Top quanlity newest innovational super strong magic glue

1) high stickness 2) Manufacture price 3) Funny magic and universal glue 4) multifunctional 5)new concrete epoxy adhesive