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Tile Adhesive for Ceramic Tiles , Marbles , Stones, border line

Tile adhesive: 1. Environment-friendly&non-harmful. 2. Easy application. 3. Excellent adhesion. 4. impact resistance

NIC-C1 Nicbond Waterproof General Ceramic Tile Adhesive

NIC-C1 Tile Adhesive (1)high bond strength (2)excellent water resistence (3)non toxic (4)easy to apply

self adhesive ceramic floor tiles

16years! High quality, good service for all customers , Welcome ordering and visiting HONGDING factory !

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High strength Super Excellent epoxy resin glue

High strength Economical epoxy resin glue 1.epoxy and sulfur curing agent 2.white&black liquid 3.solidifying 5-8 mins

Excellent Economical Concrete repair epoxy stick

Concrete repair epoxy stick 1.epoxy and sulfur curing agent 2.thick liquid 3.solidifying 3-5mins

acrylic glue for concrete

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Kafuter General Purpose Epoxy Repair Glue for Inflatable Product

repair glue for inflatable product 1.general purpose black paste 2.seal in ceramics/wood/glass,etc 3. fast repair/seal the ga

Good quality epoxy glue for plastic

Good quality epoxy glue for plastic 1.Epoxy seal 2.Two components 3.Fast curing 4.Sulfur hardener

High strength two components epoxy adhesive glue/concrete adhesive epoxy

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Sealant 1.fastest delivery,good quality,low price 2.factory,manufacturer 3.ISO9001,SGS

Epoxy Adhesive glue for car care Manufacturer

Expoxy Steel AB Glue Manufacturer 1.hight quality 2. Superior bond strength 3. easy to use 4. Quick dry

3m scotch-weld epoxy adhesive epoxy ab glue DP110, translucent

3M DP110 Scotch-Weld Epoxy Adhesive 1.color: translucent 2.size:50ml/pcs 3.package:12 pieces/carton 4.mix ratio(B:A):1:1

high temp epoxy ab glue for metal

high temp epoxy ab glue is a kind of room temperature/heating cured epoxy resin glue.

epoxy glue stud

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Epoxy AB GLUE/epoxy steel adhesive

Epoxy AB GLUE/epoxy steel adhesive 1, Epoxy seal 2, Two components 3, Fast curing 4, Sulfur hardener

SL-1400 Structural cracks reinforcing epoxy resin glue

1. Structural cracks reinforcing epoxy resin 2. low adhesiveness resin 3. high strength resin 4. low shrink resin

High quality epoxy AB glue

epoxy glue Bond set in 5 minutes. Item can be harden in 30min, 1 hour cured completely,

concrete epoxy glue

Recommended Model: C1TE Tile Adhesive Please visit our website for more products you need.

Ceramic Tile glue /Adhesive for floor and walls

1.Ceramic tile adhesive 2.High strength, toughness improved 3.Stronger adhesive force compared with Portland cement.

waterproof concrete tile filler & sealant glue

1. high hardness and high gloss 2. self-leveling,self-defoaming, anti-moisture,

epoxy glue for transformers

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super hard ceramic glue

super hard,fast drying ,no vertical flow. very suitable for metal,ceramics,concrete,stone,hard plastics,etc.

epoxy / glue / paint removal discs for concrete floor

Paint removal discs Epoxy, paint, glue grinding Concrete floor Chinese manufacturer, at competitive price Customizable

Crack Repair Glue/Epoxy Resin Adhesive

Epoxy Resin Adhesive Good compatibility Good elasticity

wet and dry timber epoxy resin concrete adhesive glue

epoxy resin concrete adhesive glue Non-toxic & No pollution Adheres well to wet and dry timber Strong bonding property & High

Button Diamond for Remove Epoxy and Glues--COPC(G)

suitable for wet&dry concrete floor .high qualty polishing ; fast removal and very flexible. Size:100mm,140mm,200mm,240mm,280m

Custom logo 2014 newest super cheap price strong magic glue

1) high stickness 2) Manufacture price 3) Funny magic and universal glue 4) multifunctional 5)new concrete epoxy adhesive