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easy tightening epoxy resin injector

1.Epoxy resin injector 2.Packing:50pcs in plastic bag,10 bags in one carton 3.Material:Aluminum

Polyurethane Doming Resin

Polyurethane Doming Resin, Price of Polyurethane Resin, Price of Polyurethane Casting Resin

PU Casting Resin

Polyurethane Casting Resin

acrylic glue for concrete

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stonefix epoxy resine ab glue for stone/concrete etc

1)double components stone adhesive 2)High bond strength, Acid and alkali resistance 3)mainly for structural bonding

epoxy / glue / paint removal discs for concrete floor

Paint removal discs Epoxy, paint, glue grinding Concrete floor Chinese manufacturer, at competitive price Customizable

Factory price transparent crystal A and B component polyurethane doming resin glue for photo frame rahmen

Dual component PU doming resin glue 1)Resistance to yellowing transparent crystal products 2)ISO Certified products

Epoxy Resin AB glue series

Bond in 4 mins Non-Sniffable Non-Flammable Irritant

epoxy glue stud

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SL-1400 Epoxy resin Structure Chinks Strengthening Glue

1. Epoxy resin Structure Chinks Strengthening Glue 2. Double-liquid type 3. Low adhesiveness, belongs to injecting strengthen

Crack Pouring Epoxy Adhesive gap filling crack repairing glue

1.Strong penetration, low viscosity 2.High aging resistance and resist acids, alkalis and water etc.

super hard ceramic glue

super hard,fast drying ,no vertical flow. very suitable for metal,ceramics,concrete,stone,hard plastics,etc.

epoxy glue for transformers

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High bearing capacity concrete reinforcement glue on bridges

High bearing capacity concrete reinforcement glue on bridges

Granite epoxy resin grouting material tile glue

1:modified fast curing epoxy adhesive for stone 2:high bonding strength, curing speed 3:High strength

Hot selling clear epoxy resin AB glue/adhesive

Specifications 1.Epoxy AB glue 2.Chemical resistance 3.High temperature resistance 4.low price

HS2255 Epoxy Resin Label And Sticker Glue

HS2255 Epoxy Resin Label And Sticker Glue 1.High epoxy value, low viscosity, light color. 2.For glue, concrete floor, cast.

Custom logo 2014 newest super cheap price strong magic glue

1) high stickness 2) Manufacture price 3) Funny magic and universal glue 4) multifunctional 5)new concrete epoxy adhesive