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hotmelt adhesive for shoe pasting

hotmelt adhesive for shoe pasting: 1.High temperature resistance 2.Best sales 3.Environmental 4.Good price

Epoxy structural adhesive bonded steel for Steel and concrete paste

1.Epoxy structural adhesive bonded steel paste 2.high temperature 3.low price 4.low strength 5.OEM service

epoxy glue for transformers

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epoxy / glue / paint removal discs for concrete floor

Paint removal discs Epoxy, paint, glue grinding Concrete floor Chinese manufacturer, at competitive price Customizable

High quality marble epoxy glue

Bond set in 5 minutes. Item can be harden in 30min, 1 hour cured completely, it provides excellent bond strenght to materials

3M Acrylic Epoxy Resin Glue, 3M Scotch-weld DP Adhesive Glue

1. 3M Acrylic Epoxy Resin Glue 2. 3M Scotch-weld DP Adhesive Glue 3. Mix ratio(B:A):1:1 or 2:1