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thermal conductivity epoxy adhesive(manufacturer)

1,High solids and strength, cure time,heat resisitance, 3.chemical resistance,water resistance, 4.humidity resistance

epoxy glue stud

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3M Acrylic Epoxy Resin Glue, 3M Scotch-weld DP Adhesive Glue

1. 3M Acrylic Epoxy Resin Glue 2. 3M Scotch-weld DP Adhesive Glue 3. Mix ratio(B:A):1:1 or 2:1

Hot selling clear epoxy resin AB glue/adhesive

Specifications 1.Epoxy AB glue 2.Chemical resistance 3.High temperature resistance 4.low price

Crack Pouring Epoxy Adhesive gap filling crack repairing glue

1.Strong penetration, low viscosity 2.High aging resistance and resist acids, alkalis and water etc.

epoxy glue for transformers

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high temp epoxy ab glue for metal

high temp epoxy ab glue is a kind of room temperature/heating cured epoxy resin glue.

20g AB glue,epoxy steel adhesive,quick AB adhesive

RILL Epoxy Resin AB glue series is a specially designed for household ,appliances and industrial uses special viscose.

Epoxy Glue For Plastic Aluminum Road Stud

epoxy glue and firming agents proportion 4:1 stick aluminum or plastic road stud onto concret or alsphalt road. or as sealant

Structural cracks reinforcing resin glue

1. Structural cracks reinforcing resins coating glue 2. low adhesiveness resin 3. high strength resin 4. low shrink resin