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Auto-Parts Glue/Acrylic Epoxy glue/AB glue for metal

1.Fast solidifying 2.multi-purpose,powerful peel strength 3.Aging and climatizatiom resistance 4.Bonds all metal,hardware

Epoxy Glue AB Glue

AB Glue It suits for metal,plastic,ceramic,rubber,jewellery,glass . our production can made under your trade mark.

acrylic glue for concrete

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stonefix epoxy resine ab glue for stone/concrete etc

1)double components stone adhesive 2)High bond strength, Acid and alkali resistance 3)mainly for structural bonding

epoxy / glue / paint removal discs for concrete floor

Paint removal discs Epoxy, paint, glue grinding Concrete floor Chinese manufacturer, at competitive price Customizable

3M DP810NS Scotch-Weld Low odor epoxy resin adhesive glue

DP810NS Low odor epoxy resin adhesive two-part adhesive with1:1 mix ratio Size: 1:1 and 50ML Color:tan

Wholesale AB components doming transparent epoxy resin glue for crystal art nameplate name card pendant

Dual component AB doming resin glue 1)Resistance to yellowing transparent crystal products 2)ISO Certified products

epoxy glue stud

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anti-aging epoxy glue factory

1.Fine compressive property,stretch proof 2.Fine aging ,water ,weather resistance 3.High shear strength 4..No liquid droppin

High bearing capacity concrete reinforcement glue on bridges

High bearing capacity concrete reinforcement glue on bridges

Rebar-planting Anchoring Glue for Reinforced concrete

A:Carrying anchoring force, excellent durability . B:Small slip , timely control substrate separation and deformation.

Crack Pouring Epoxy Adhesive gap filling crack repairing glue

1.Strong penetration, low viscosity 2.High aging resistance and resist acids, alkalis and water etc.

SL-1400 Epoxy resin Structure Chinks Strengthening Glue

1. Epoxy resin Structure Chinks Strengthening Glue 2. Double-liquid type 3. Low adhesiveness, belongs to injecting strengthen

epoxy glue for transformers

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high temp epoxy ab glue for metal

high temp epoxy ab glue is a kind of room temperature/heating cured epoxy resin glue.

super hard ceramic glue

super hard,fast drying ,no vertical flow. very suitable for metal,ceramics,concrete,stone,hard plastics,etc.

20g AB glue,epoxy steel adhesive,quick AB adhesive

RILL Epoxy Resin AB glue series is a specially designed for household ,appliances and industrial uses special viscose.

Hot selling clear epoxy resin AB glue/adhesive

Specifications 1.Epoxy AB glue 2.Chemical resistance 3.High temperature resistance 4.low price

resin stone glue

1. High transparent, high gloss, high clear and strength 2. Self-defoaming, oxidation resistance 3. Two components adhesive

HS2255 Epoxy Resin Label And Sticker Glue

HS2255 Epoxy Resin Label And Sticker Glue 1.High epoxy value, low viscosity, light color. 2.For glue, concrete floor, cast.