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epoxy casting glue

1.UL certification 2.good transparency, easy to use 3.class F 4.cures at room temperature.

epoxy hard glue, epoxy glue syringe, epoxy glue 5 min

1 anti-bacterial, mildew-proof, anti-bacteria 2 non-yellowing 3 Create seamless 4 100% reactive

concrete epoxy glue

Recommended Model: C1TE Tile Adhesive Please visit our website for more products you need.

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Epoxy cartridge gun/biopsy gun/glue gun TF-F016-I

Specification:15" Material:aluminum Rod diameter:7.8mm

Vision 982 Automatic Glue Dispenser,Epoxy Resin Glue Dispensing Machine control,high precision 2.widliy used in industrial zone 3.Manual & auto optional

liquid automatic glue spreading machine,epoxy glue drop machine control,high precision 2.widliy used in industrial zone 3.Manual & auto optional

epoxy glue dispensing machine/automatic glue dispenser control,high precision 2.widliy used in industrial zone 3.Manual & auto optional

Hot sale vs-982 semi-automatic glue dispensing machine , dispenser glue,automatic glue dispenser

semi-automatic glue drop machine b).Small and convinient. d).Economical and practical

Fancy fashion eye cream plastic tube

Fancy fashion eye cream plastic tube 1.Size:4ml-125ml 2.BV,FDA,SGS,LFGB 3.Customized size,color,logo 4.Sample:free

epoxy glue for plastic and aluminum

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Epoxy Glue For Plastic Aluminum Road Stud

epoxy glue and firming agents proportion 4:1 stick aluminum or plastic road stud onto concret or alsphalt road. or as sealant

epoxy glue for plastic production line

1.epoxy glue for plastic 2.Whole equipment 3.Producing technology 4.Original equipment manufacturer 5.ISO9001,CE

hot sale Two component epoxy glue for plastic (Resin + Hardener)

1,High solids and strength, cure time,heat resisitance, 3.chemical resistance,water resistance, 4.humidity resistance

Top quality two component heat resistance epoxy glue for plastic

1.Fastest delivery,good quality,low price 2.Factory,manufacturer 3.ISO9001,SGS,MSDS

epoxy glue for plastic for filling

1.One component, no need for previous mixing. 2.Specialized in production about 11years. 3.Own manufacturer. 4.OEM available.

Epoxy Glue for Plastic

1. Pre-measured duel syringe for consistent results 2. Sets up crystal clean in 5 mins/10mins/30mins

epoxy glue paint

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Epoxy Glue for Plastic

Epoxy Glue for Plastic 1) Hot sell in South America 2) SGS, MSDS certification. 3) For plastic,wood,rubber, etc.

Epoxy Glue for Plastic

1.For metal,plastic,rubber,wood ,electric parts 2.Low smell 3.Oil and water resisitivity 4.8h cure 5.Clear and brown

Professional epoxy glue for plastics

Professional epoxy glue for plastics 2. 30 minutes fast curing 3. Don't need to mix 4. Easy to use 5. Passed SGS, RoHS

Waterproof Omnipotent Super Glue Magic Epoxy Plastic Glue For Electronic Component

1.High stickness 2.All material are acceptable 3.Waterproof 4.Magic function 5.Best invention nowadays

epoxy glue for metallic/ceramic/glass/stone

Epoxy Glue 1. Bond wood, ceramic, stone metal. 2. Two components - A & B 3. 10KG-20kg/Barrel(A or B) 4. Super adhesion

epoxy hot melt glue for plastic and glass

1.good melting properties,excellent adhesion 2.certificate: ROHS, SGS 3.environmental friendly quality, lowest price

epoxy glue temperature

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epoxy glue for construction and decoration in kitchen and bathrooms

1. epoxy glue 2. nuetral 3. anti- mildew, anti-bacterial, waterproof, high leakproofness, high stickness and strength,

5 minutes 20ml transparent clear epoxy glue in tube

1) Solidifying within 3-5 minutes 2) waterproof chemical medium-resistant 3) can be lacquered and waxed 4) joint is clear

EPOXY GLUE(5minutes glue,ab glue)

5 minutes epoxy glue DRYING FAST and WORK BEST ON metal,glass,ceramics,stone,hard plastic,FRP,wood and many other material.

HM-500 Modified Epoxy Resin Glue for Planting Rebar

1. Bicomponent modified epoxy resin injection anchor adhesive 2. Not contain styrene, safe and non-toxic 3. Good thixotropy

acrylic epoxy resin glue for channel letter

acrylic epoxy resin glue Resin for channel letter Create seamless joint SGS, MSDS certification 5kgs/plastic bottle

5-Minute clear Epoxy glue in syringe,resistance epoxy glue,high adhesive

Super Glue with SGS It suits for metal,rubber,ceramics,plastics,wood and so on. our production can made under your trademark