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90% heat resistance chameleon car window film with purple to blue

PET tint window film High heat resistance, anti-UV solar film Size and color can be customized ODM/OEM CE/ SGS/ ISO/ IESO

ZSmell 2014 newest purple chameleon film for car window

one way clear window film PET meterial high heat rejection no fading color high Clarity

color changing film anti-glare window film car film chameleon purple auto window film

specifications PET tint window film high heat resistance, anti-UV solar film ODM/OEM CE/SGS/ISO/IESO

explosive flash

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Dero glass self adhesive glue for pvc film

Dero glass self adhesive glue for pvc film 1.Face film: 120 microns 2.Release liner:PET 3.Durability:3-5years outdoor

self adhesive ceramic wall tiles Marble Adheive glue

This product is non-toxic, tasteless, no pollution, no inflammable, explosive. 2:high stickiness

Japan imported glass and AB glue 9H harness Explosion-proof Tempere glass protection membrane for iphone 6 Mobile phone use

Tempere glass protection membrane for iphone 6 1.Material imported from Japan. 2.Thickness:0.2/0.33/0.4mm. 3.Hardness: 9H.

One way pneumatic diaphragm pump fro ink ,glue

Pneumatic diaphragm pump fro ink ,glue 1. Safe and explosion-proof 2. One-way and pneumatic 3. Improved the flow structure

NEWAY prting materials Casting Self Adhesive Vinyl - Grey Glue

1.self adhesive vinyl film 2. Bus, Metro, Auto windowaas wrap decoration 3.Agood performance of the ink absorbing

explosive core

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Glue and filler bond transfer pump

1.High quality raw materials,long life 2. High precision,CNC production technology 3.More than 40 years of mature technology

SGS Certificated magnet wire glue used in explosion-proof motor

magnet wire glue 1.Dia:0.2-8mm 2.Themal class:130-220c 3.Centification:SGS,UL,ISO

shenzhen Fanpo ab glue 9H 0.3mm tempered glass screen protector for iphone 6

ab glue 9H 0.3mm tempered glass screen protector 1. Best price & Good quality. 2. OEM/ODM Service 3.factory in shenzhen

white glue / latex reactor JCT_ FYF-10000

1.White glue reaction vessel 2.Vacuum/ high pressure 3.Polyreacting reactor 4.Multifunctioinal mixer 5.ISO9001,ISO14001,CE

static cling vinyl film decorative window film adhesive remove glue from glass adhesive New design C003

static cling vinyl film 1.Anti-UV,99% UV Light Rejection 2.Amber design 3.Privacy protection 4.Easy to stick

glue for pvc film

PVC decorating sheet 1.Thickness:0.1-0.6mm 2.Design:fancy design, flower 3.Use: furniture, cabint.doors,window