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MDD56 decoral paper and film

1)High clarity, vivid and lively. 2)Widely used for furniture and HPL manufacturing.

wood grain melamine furniture self-adhesive decorative paper

melamine impregnated decorative paper decorative papers are used as the pressure paste veneer on sorts of furniture,floors

explosive core

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Use For Glue ,Ink Viscosity Controller

Automatic Ink Viscosity Controller 1. Easy to operate and clean 2. Big digital screen dispay 3. Explosion-proof and safe

for samsung galaxy note 3 screen protector tempered glass anti-scratch, Japanese glass and glue

for samsung galaxy note 3 tempered glass screen protector 1.8-9H, anti scratch 2.explosion proof absorb bubb

glue for pvc film

PVC decorating sheet 1.Thickness:0.1-0.6mm 2.Design:fancy design, flower 3.Use: furniture, cabint.doors,window

Polyvinyl Acetate Glue laminating glue

based on vinyl acetate monomer-based polymers.It is non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, noninflammable and explosive materials