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Cinnamon Bark Extract Support For Blood Sugar Metabolism

English Name: Cinnamomum cassia Presl Latin Name:Cortex Cinnamomi Cassiae Part used: Bark Color: Brown red powder

100% Nature Ashwagandha Extract/ Withanolid 3%

Ashwagandha Extract Specifications:Withanolid 1% ,3% HPLC tested by HPLC Non-irradiated;

100% Natural 10% Flavonoids Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon Bark Extract 1.Assay:10% Flavonoids 2.Appearance:red brown fine powder 3.Size:80~200mesh 4.Paking:25kg/drum

black cohosh powdered extract

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Top Quality From 10 Years experience manufacture black cohosh extract

black cohosh extract 1.High Quailty GMP&ISO 2.Competitive Price 3.Stock Fresh 4.Delivery Without Any Customes Problems

Black Cohosh extract for Drug/food supplement material

1.Black Cohosh Extract 2.Specs:Triterpene Glycosides 2.5% 5% 8% by HPLC 3.Appearance:Yellow brown powder 4.Fast Delivery

Black Cohosh Extract/Tritepene Glycosides/Triterpenoides Saponis

Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoides Saponis >5% Eases menopausal and menstrual malaise GMP standard

chili extract

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Black Cohosh Extract, 2.5% Saponins Test by HPLC, Black Cohosh Extract Powder

1,100% Natural Herbal extract 2, Professional Technology Support 3, KOSHER, ISO9001, Halal 4, Manufacturer Supply

Black Cohosh Extract

Standard: Triterpene glycosides 2.5%, 5%, 8% Appearance: Fine Brown-Yellow Powder

GMP Factory Supply black cohosh extract(triterpenoid saponins 2.5%/8% HPLC)

black cohosh extract 100% Nature and compete prices Competitive price Steady supply GMP/ISO/HACCP/SGS

BLACK Cohosh Root Extract /Cimicifuga racemosa extract(triterpenoid saponins 2.5%-5%)

1.ISO9001, ISO, KOSHER, BV 2.Pure Natural Resource sample 4.triterpenoid saponins 2.5%-5%

parthenolide extract

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Top Quality Organic Black Cohosh extract

Black Cohosh extract 1.Best quality. 2.Competitive price. 3.Fast Delivery. 4.Excellent service.

Black Cohosh Extract with Triterpene Glycosides

Black Cohosh Extract Active ingredient:2.5%Triterpene glycosides Appearance:yellow brown powder GMP KOSHER

100% Natural Black Cohosh Extract

Black Cohosh Extract Latin Name:Cimicifuga racemosa Specification:Triterpene Glycosides 2.5%,8% Excellent quality,best pri

84776-26-1 pure natural 2.5% black cohosh extract

1, black cohosh extract 2, Spec: 2.5%, 5% 8% HPLC 3, Deliver within 1 day 4, ISO, BV, FDA, HALAL 5, Manufacturer