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ST Fiber Optic Connector

ST Fiber Optic Connector 1.Low insertion loss and back reflection loss 2.Ferrule end surface pre-domed 3.High precision align

ST MM fiber optic connector Kits

ST MM fiber optic connector Kits 1.With high precise dimension 2.Low insertion loss 3.High return

A pair ST Connector Fiber Optic Cable

A pair ST Connector Fiber Optic Cable 1)Connector ferrule:ceramic 2)End-face radius of curvature: 10 mm < R < 30 mm 3)PVC

ST SM fiber optic connector

st sm fiber optic connector 1.Connector FC, SC, ST, LC, etc 2.Singlemode or multimode, PC/APC/UPC

Newly Displayed fiber optical cable connector

multi mode duplex SC fiber optic cable connector

Good inerchangeability Environmentally Stable and Reliable Excellent Rerurn Loss Applicable standard:IEC61300-3-23

SC-SC Fiber Optic Fast Connector with Drop Cable

SpecificationsPrice-Competitive Low Insertion Loss & PDL Factory-terminated and Tested

Embedded fiber optical fast connector for FTTH

Embedded fiber optical fast connector for FTTH 1.Professional factory 2.High quality&low price 3.Low insertion loss 4.Fast d

ST/UPC-ST/UPC Fiber Optic Patch Cable

Factory produced fiber optic patch cord, with SC LC FC ST optical Connector.100% interferometer test,IL<0.25db

Hot Products in Fiber Optic Equipment

Japan Fujikura fsm-80S Splicing machine / Fusion Splicer price

fs80S Splicing machine / Fusion Splicer,FSM-80S Fusion Splicer , Fujikura FSM-80S Fusion Splicer, Fujikura 80S splice machine

Huawei microwave radio OptiX RTN380 microwave transmission system

The OptiX RTN 380 can provide large-capacity backhaul microwave links on a mobile communications network or a private network.

SDH Equipment HUAWEI OptiX OSN 3500

SDH Equipment 15*Service slots,16*Interface slots Support E1/T1,E3/T3,E4,STM-1/4/16/64,FE,GE,ATM,SAN&build-in WDM DC 48V

Optic Fiber Fusion Splicing Machine equal to Fujikura FSM-60S

Optic fiber fusion splicing machine Core to Core Alignment (PAS) 8s splice time, 40s heat time 256X magnify, X & Y views

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