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PVC Hot Shrink Film Extrusion Machine

PVC Hot Shrink Film Extrusion Machine,pvc extrusion calendar machine,pvc film rewinding machine,pvc shrink film label printing

PVC shrink film for packaging China Jiangsu Factory

1.pvc shrink packaging film 2. Thickness:0.025mm~0.08mm 3.Width:200mm~1000mm 4.TD shrinkage:48~55% 5.MD shrinkage:0~3%

pvc shrink printing film for water box/drinking bottle

shrink film 1) Good shrinkage, high transparent 2) No toxic, anti-puncture 3) Environmental & durable 4) OEM

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high quality feature and soft hardness bopp film/plastic film type BOPP thermal lamination film/BOPP film roll film for packing

1,material: BOPP film+EVA.2,thickness:17---35mic.3,outstanding function and effect.4,used for printing and packaging.

7 mic VMPET coated 8 mic LDPE film for wall insulation materials

1.thickness:8,10,15,25... 2.width:1-1.8m 3.Certificate:ISO,BV,SGS etc. 4.offer sample

high glossy and widely size transparent pvc film

Mattress packaging PVC filmMattress packaging PVC film1.Bag Type: Shrink Bag 2.Transparency: High transparency3.look good

pvc protective film,pvc cold laminating

pvc protective film,pvc cold laminating-PVC film:70-100um; -Type:yellow/white release paper / Anti-UV-protective film

Stretch Film, LLDPE Film, Pallet Stretch Film

Material: LLDPEType: Stretch Film, Polyethylene FilmUsage: Packing FilmColor: TransparentElongation:150%-300%

Good Quality Multi-lens Film Of Festival & Party Supplies In China For Decoration

1.Beautiful appearance & high quality2.Colors& specifications can be customized3.Reasonable price&professional service.

heat print film types

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PE Material and Shrink Film Type PE Shrink Film

PE Material and Shrink Film Type PE Shrink Film:Thickness:30-300mic Width:100-5400mm Length:according to customer's requiremen

PVC PET Material and Shrink Film Type printing film

PVC PET Material and Shrink Film Type printing film Excellent to machine printing No wrinkles after printing

Moisture Proof and Shrink Film Type 5/7 layer PA/PE co extruded film

co extruded film 1.High barrier, flexible structure, puncture resistance 2.Extend food shelf life 3.Eco-friendly 4.Low price

stretch film type and LLDPE virgin material hot selling film

hot selling film 1. High transparency, good gloss 2. Free samples 3. Environmental & durable 4.good quality

Stretch Film Type and Soft Hardness Temporary Floor Protective Film

Stretch Film Type and Soft Hardness Temporary Floor Protective FilmImprove your brand image by having your logo

35mm film types

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Transparency and Stretch Film Type PE cling film used in wrapping around food, confectionery, vegetable, fruit, meat etc

Transparency and Stretch Film Type PE cling film 1'Material: PE film 2'good transparency 3'Anti-fogging and tasteless

shrink film type and rigid hardness pvc packing film (shrink tubing roll)

1. shrink film type and rigid hardness pvc packing film( shrink tubing) 2. for outer packaging, non lable grade 3. factory

BOPP Material and Stretch Film Type Thermal Lamination film

Feature: (1) High strength, high transparency and high gloss (2) High surface treatment (3) Excellent glue adhesion

Custom aseptic soft packaging film types

packaging film types 1.Factory price 2.Customized 3.Gravure printing 4.Skype:haodong05

Cling Film Usage and Stretch Film, Transparent Transparency and Stretch Film Type Cling Film, cling film

1.High transparency and gloss 2.Resistant to cold 3.Food grade, absolutely harmless 4.Fume-free & Non-corrosive

center folded pof shrink packaging film types

clear,brilliant,for product presentation, inexpensive high quality material, 5-layer co-extruded POF shrink film based on LLDPE

packaging film types

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heat and clear pof shrink packaging film types

-packaging film types -Factory,manufacturer -13 Years of Experience -ISO9001:2008, SGS -Short Delivery Time

2014 Hot Selling Glossy and Matt BOPP Thermal Laminating Film Type

1.Professional manufacturer 2.Material: BOPP + EVA 3.Thickness: 20mic,25 mic,27mic,30m 4.Any size 5.Type:Glossy & Matt

stetch film type and moisture proof feature pvc cling film

pvc cling film 1.High stretchability 2.Gloss and transparency 3.Cling and strong sealing 4.High fresh-keeping ability

hot sell pvc cling film food packaging film ,pvc food film ,plastic film stretch film type clear cling wrap

pvc cling film 1.Top safety and factory price 2.High stretchability 3.Gloss and transparency

Stretch Film Type and Moisture Proof Feature Medical Bags Film

Medical Bags Film 1, High barrier resistance 2. High heat sealability 3. Eco-friendly .

Soft Hardness and Stretch Film Type pe protective film

*easy to peel no ghosting *high temperature resistance *anti-stamping,adhesive residue