fire board wood

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Fire Protection Board Blast Protection Board for Fire Barrier Blast Barrier

1 Steel composite Blast Protection Board 2 Fire & Blast Protection 3 Blast Barrier,Fire Barrier 4 Impact & Moisture Resist

vermiculite fire board

vermiculite fire board 1 material:silver vermiculite 2 insulating temp:1100 3 size:2440x1220mm 2100x900mm 1000x610mm

heat insulation fire board(Fireproof and thermal insulation)

Ceramic Board (Fireproof and thermal insulation) 1.Furnace lining materials 2.Service temp: 1000~1350C 3.Density:300-400kg/m3

black fire board

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High Density Fireplace Ceramic Fire Board

ceramic fire board 1.Low thermal capacity 2.Low thermal conductivity 3.Size precision 4.ISO9001

calcium silicate fire resistant board

calcium silicate fire resistant board Pure inorganic materials Class A, Non-combustible, protector from fire high strength

drywall fire wall board mgo board

drywall fire wall board mgo board 1) Fireproof&Waterproof 2) Light weight&High intensity 3) Sound insulation& Heat insulation