flower honey with comb

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Flower Honey 225 gram 460 gram 850 gram 25 KG

We have passed ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 health certificates for all honey types that we produce. Plate honey beehive honey

Flowers honey in portions wrapping machine

This machine is a fully automatical forming-sealing-cutting machine for various kind of products.

Organic Flower Honey

From blooming slopes & plains Greek countryside bees' mix - of course "the nectar of a riot of wild flowers and wild herbs

Natrual Rape Flower Honey

100% pure natural rape honey HMF: 25mg/kg max Fructose/Reducing Sugar: 48% min Sucrose: 5% min ASH:0.4%max

natural flower honey

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Organic forest and flowers Honey

this honey is collected at various, location in arcadia

Flower honey

flower honey F/G ratio: min 1.2,Moisture:max 18%,HMF:max 10mg/kg,Diastase:min 10,Sucrose:max 5%,Reducing Sugar:min 70%

Longan, Lychee and Devilweed Flower honey

- Longan Honey - Lychee Honey - Devilweed Flower Honey