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two component sealant extruder /polysulfide rubber extruder machine

Excellent adhesion to all kinds of glass Neutral cured, no corrosion, non poisonous High temperature and humidity stability

Two component potting epoxy sealant for power supply, LED display

1.MOQ: 500-2000pcs 2.ISO9001:2000,CE,MSDS,UL 3.RTV silicone Potting sealant for encapsulating electronic components

Jorle LED two component sealant extruder

two component sealant extruder sealing performance.

bath sealant

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acrylic fluid sealant

Fast curing. water proof, high quality acrylic sealant

Avoid-water Fluid Sealant For Solar Panel

Avoid-water Fluid Sealant For Solar Panel is one of our most popular products.Moisture-proof, waterproof, fire resistant.

windshield washer fluid puncture repair liquid tyre sealant

puncture repair liquid tyre sealant Excellent water and aging resistant. Excellent adhesion on metal and glass

refrigerated truck fluid sealant wholesaler

Refrigerator Truck seals: 1,Excellent weatherability with good resistance. 2.Material: EPDM,TPE, silicone, Viton, NBR...

daily fluids

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Plastic Steel Doors And Windows Fluid Sealant of Neutral Silicone

sealing for perimeter glazing for windows and door, sealing for some kinds of stone,aluminum and concrete etc.

Industrial planetary mixer, sealant mixing machine, paint making machine

Industrial planetary mixer used for high viscosity products, such as Electronic adhesive,sealant, etc.

Kafuter LED K-9761 two component sealant

two component sealant 1.two part, transparent fluid 2.good transparency,yellow resistance 3.15KG/pairs

heat induction silicone sealants for wafer and thermal coil

strong adhesive silicone sealants for stainless steel,glass automatic leveling, low viscosity,easy to coat,solvent-free

double components general purpose rtv liquid adhesives electronic components potting silicone sealant

1.general purpose rtv electonice liquid silicone 2.used in pouring sealing large power electronics,mould power supplies and PCB