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Nitrate based NKP compound fertilizer

Balanced nutrients, significant yield increase, contain high content of water soluble P, trace elements can help crop uptake

Nitrogen Fertilizer Classification and Slow Release Type Ammonium Sulphate Fertilizer

1.It is white or granular. 2.It is mainly used in agriculture. 3.We promise the best service can be provided

compost npk fertilizer

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High solubility fulvic powder foliar npk fertilizer

1)Complete soluble including K+ 2)FA dry basis 60% 3)High loading capacity and physiology activity 4)Heavy metal 50ppm max

High effect liquid NPK foliar fertilizer organic seaweed fertilizer

liquid foliar fertilizer 1: improve crops quality 2:directly from factory , 3:world-famous brand

NPK foliar fertilizer+TE / fertigation

manufacturer water soluble NPK+TE fertilizer 1. high quality 2. good service 3. manufacturer 4. fair price

npk fertilizer mixer

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foliar npk fertilizer

1.Black & Brown Powder/Pellet 2.Poorly soluble in water 3.Raw meterials of organic fertilizer 4.25kgs in plastic woven bag

KY Top grade potassium humate npk foliar fertilizer

npk foliar fertilizer Water soluble humic acid: 80% min Potassium: 12% min Solubility in water: 98% min

NPK 28-14-14 foliar compound npk fertilizer

NPK 28-14-14 foliar compound npk fertilizer High N formulas low price,test support sample free,high quality vastland brand

Huminrich Shenyang Humate liquid npk foliar fertilizer

Shenyang Humate liquid npk foliar fertilizer Water Soluble:100% Humic Acid:12-%+K2O:1% 3Ton MOQ 3 weeks delivery

manufacture of npk fertilizer +te

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NPK foliar fertilizer+TE

Water Soluble NPK+TE fertilizer 1, N+P2O5+K2O+TE; 2, Easily 100% absorbed by crops. 3, Match various period of plant-grow.

npk foliar spray fertilizer /irrigation bio fertilizer

Easy to use,suitable for all kinds of fertilizing method;Factory direct,quality assurance,affordable

npk foliar fertilizer 19 19 19

fertilizer npk 19-19-19 in gardening/agriculture 1.Total: 45%min N 19% P2O5 19% K2O 19% 2.Moisture: 1% max