compost npk fertilizer

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Soluble npk foliar spray fertilizer with organic fertilizers

1)Super Potassium Humate 2)Total humic extract 80% 3)Fulvic acid 15% 4)Water soluble 99% 5)Organic Matter 80%

Foliar compound npk fertilizer 20-20-20

Foliar compound npk fertilizer 20-20-20 1.100% water soluble 2.high purity,chelated microelements 3.fertilgation

npk foliar spray fertilizer /irrigation bio fertilizer

Easy to use,suitable for all kinds of fertilizing method;Factory direct,quality assurance,affordable

npk fertilizer mixer

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foliar npk fertilizer

foliar npk fertilizer 1. Nitrogen: 14-25% 2. P2O5: 12-25% 3. K2O: 6-36% * Can be produced according to customers requ

NPK foliar fertilizer,NPK10-55-10,NPK12-38-10,NPK10-52-10,NPK18-30-15,NPK10-40-10,NPK12-36-12

NPK foliar Chemical Fertilizer: NPK foliar fertilizer,NPK10-55-10,NPK12-38-10,NPK10-52-10,NPK18-30-15,NPK10-40-10,NPK12-36-12

Huminrich Shenyang Humate liquid npk foliar fertilizer

Shenyang Humate liquid npk foliar fertilizer Water Soluble:100% Humic Acid:12-%+K2O:1% 3Ton MOQ 3 weeks delivery

npk foliar fertilizer

npk foliar fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 + amino acid /+humic acid /+seaweed extract/+trace elements(Fe,Zn,Mn,S,Mg,Ca,B,etc..)

manufacture of npk fertilizer +te

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KY Top grade potassium humate npk foliar fertilizer

npk foliar fertilizer Water soluble humic acid: 80% min Potassium: 12% min Solubility in water: 98% min

NPK foliar fertilizer+TE

Water Soluble NPK+TE fertilizer 1, N+P2O5+K2O+TE; 2, Easily 100% absorbed by crops. 3, Match various period of plant-grow.

npk foliar fertilizer 19 19 19

fertilizer npk 19-19-19 in gardening/agriculture 1.Total: 45%min N 19% P2O5 19% K2O 19% 2.Moisture: 1% max

foliar npk fertilizer

1.Black & Brown Powder/Pellet 2.Poorly soluble in water 3.Raw meterials of organic fertilizer 4.25kgs in plastic woven bag

Fulvic Acid Type III Foliar NPK Fertilizer with Micro Elements for Plants

Fulvic Acid Type III Micro Elements for Plants NPK 10-4-6 5TON MOQ 10-15 working days delivery