npk fertilizer mixer

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NPK foliar fertilizer+TE

Water Soluble NPK+TE fertilizer 1, N+P2O5+K2O+TE; 2, Easily 100% absorbed by crops. 3, Match various period of plant-grow.

buy fulvic acid npk foliar spray fertilizer

1)Complete soluble including K+ 2)FA dry basis 60% 3)High loading capacity and physiology activity 4)Heavy metal 50ppm max

foliar npk fertilizer

foliar npk fertilizer 1. Nitrogen: 14-25% 2. P2O5: 12-25% 3. K2O: 6-36% * Can be produced according to customers requ

manufacture of npk fertilizer +te

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npk foliar fertilizer

npk foliar fertilizer NPK 20-20-20 + amino acid /+humic acid /+seaweed extract/+trace elements(Fe,Zn,Mn,S,Mg,Ca,B,etc..)

KY Top grade potassium humate npk foliar fertilizer

npk foliar fertilizer Water soluble humic acid: 80% min Potassium: 12% min Solubility in water: 98% min