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Shiny coffee color Amino Acid Ball water soluble fertilizer

it is appears brown and smooth granular ,water soluble . N: 16% K:2% shining uniform granule water solubility up to 95%

Granular Ammonium sulphate fertilizer price

Ammonium sulphate Granular Granular1.Nitrogen :20.5% min 2.Moisture:1.5%max. 3.Free acidity(H2SO4):0.2 Max

China direct producer water soluble fertilizer

Specialist of water soluble fertilizer 1. 100 water soluble 2. Good quality. 3.Total Nutrient: 40% min 4.LUXI chemical group

manufacture 100% water soluble fertilizer foliar fertilizer

100% water soluble foliar fertilizer General purpose formulas high phosphate/potassium formulas high nitrate formulas free s

foliar fertilizer 17-9-34 te for fruit/ vegetable/ plant

foliar fertilizer 17-9-34 te for fruit/ vegetable/ plant Free hormone, chloride 100% water soluble Increase yield, quality

compost npk fertilizer

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npk foliar spray fertilizer

1. fully water soluble; 2. suit for many kinds of crops in all growth stages 3. with trace elements 4. highly efficient

npk foliar fertilizer

1 npk foliar fertilizer-KY super humate 2 Rich water soluble Humic acid(d%)> 78% 3 Mositure < 6%

water npk foliar fertilizer 10-30-20+TE from agricultural company

npk foliar fertilizer 10-30-20+TE from agricultural company Free of hormone, and chloride Full water soluble Add flowers

npk fertilizer mixer

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NPK foliar fertilizer+TE foliar application

manufacturer water soluble NPK+TE fertilizer 1. high quality 2. good service 3. manufacturer 4. fair price

High-efficiency NPK +Amino Acid foliar fertilizer

foliar fertilizer custom-made service Competitive price SGS ISO certified

Compound NPK Fertilizer /agricultural fertilizer /foliar fertilizer

1. NPK fertilizer factory 2. 20 years experience 3. good quality 4. competitive price.

npk water soluble foliar fertilizer

npk water soluble foliar fertilizer 1 all soluble ideal for fertigation. 2 different npk formulas. 3 fit high value plant

manufacture of npk fertilizer +te

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HVP 20-20-15 Foliar Liquid Fertilizer

NPK 20-20-15, Minerals (chelated) and vitamins.

Professional Manufacturer of water soluble NPK Fertilizer

Manufacturer of many years experience. 100%water soluble fertilizer 19-19-19+TE 12-12-17+MgO 10-52-10+TE

NPK fertilizer price

High quality npk water soluble fertilizer 20-20-20 1.100%water soluble 2.high purity,chelated TE 3.sample free

High quality NPK Fertilizer 26-8-6 and competitive price

soluble fertilizer npk 26-8-6 1. 100% water soluble 2. foliar is ok 3. NO3-N- instant efficacy 4. NH4-N slow releas