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2-3 years shelf life 7664-38-2 in stock phosphoric acid

Phosphoric Acid food grade Molecular Formula: H3PO4 Molecular weight: 97.99 Content: 85% min. Density: 1.6850 ( under 25C)

high purity phosphoric acid

high purity phosphoric acid

phosphoric acid price China's country of origin

Content: 75% 85% ; abundant species, stable and sufficient supply,convenient & fast logistics,professional services

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Professional Industrial Machine Manufacturer For Rubber, Resin, Paint, Food Industries

Industrial machine manufacturer 1. Professional manufacturer 2. OEM & ODM service 3. Industrial machine 4. CE, ISO, SGS

phosphoric acid paint

Food grade be applied to flavors, canned food and light drinks ;Industrial grade used as catalyst, drying agent and cleaner...

Special type Titanium Dioxide Rutile white paint coating

Specifications: General-purpose,widely used in paints, coatings, plastics, paper, rubber and ink production.

Aluminum spray bottle paint

Aluminum spray bottle paint Capacity: 20-1000ml Surface:brushed and clear lacquer Inner coating: epoxy Usage:cosmetic

filled in lid metal art scrawl paint tin box with full printing

filled in lid metal art scrawl paint tin box with full printing 1.OEM grade material 3.BV factory audit 4.SGS

Automatic plastic tube packing oil paint filling machine

1,used for the oil paint tube filling sealing 2,3folds and 5folds are suitable 3,PLC control touch screen 4,full automatic

food paint metallic

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Supply Powder Paint / Food Grade Powder Paint for Metal Coating

*Good utilization rate *Good Impact resistance *Good physical & mechanical property *stable IKEA and Wal-Mark supplier

good quality powder coating food grade paint

food grade paint *Tough, durable, lasting coating for metals * Excellent hardness and abrasion/impact resistance *Food grade

food grade paint for metal

food grade paint for metal -Cheap alternative -Harmless to car -Easy to remove -Protection again dirt

Food grade Epoxy Paint

Food grade Epoxy Paint a. Excellent Anticorrosive b. Excellent Waterproof c. Innoxious, Good Adhesion

Colorful polyurethane powder coating, food grade epoxy paint

1.Food grade epoxy paint 2.Gloss feature 3.Strong coating adhension 4.Paint color is available 5.CE,RoHs,ISO9001:2000

food grade spray paint

food grade spray paint -Cheap alternative -Harmless to cars -Easy to remove -Protection against dirt

edible food paint

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A two pack epoxy high build coating with portable water in pipe coating.Application on Structural Steel,Pipelines,Storage Tank

Maydos food grade Self-Leveling Epoxy Floor resin paint

Maydos epoxy floor coatings has futures: Super scratching resistance Low Smell Eco Friendly Dust Proofing

Maydos Food Grade Self Leveling Concrete Flooring Resin Paint

Maydos food grade epoxy resin has such future as super anti scratching, anti heavy duty, anti dust, anti chemistry, etc

High quality construction building epoxy paint

Powder Travertine Paint absorb harmful substances in the air auto-adjust indoor humidity antibiosis & anti-corrosion inorgan

anti slip coating two component Epoxy Floor paint for Food Process Factory

1.Strong adhesion 2.Excellent water resistance 3.Washable, easy to clean 4.resistant to corrosion 5.Good flexibility

Water based Epoxy paint

Water-soluble, Environmentalaafriendly, Non-toxic, Anti-mould, Low VOC. Good adherence with various substrates, Good flexibili

food food paint

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Star Home Odorless & Ultra Antibiosis and Mildew Resistant Wall Paint

1 Anti-mildew 2 Antibiosis 3 Anti-scrub 4 Air purification 5 Advanced hiding power

Titanium dioxide Rutile&Anatase3206111000 for paint

1.Titanium dioxide Rutile&Anatase3206111000 for paint 2.MF:TiO2 3.Purity:94/98% 4.CAS:13463-67-7 5.HS:3206111000

Zinc Oxide99.7% Paint Grade

1.Zinc Oxide99.7% Paint Grade 2.ISO9001:2000, SGS 3.Quick delivery 4.Pb<0.0002 5.Best price



Titanlux Blue Cobalt , Paint

Our cash & carry offer a range of food and non-food items of international brands at wholesale prices alongside tailor-made serv

VIT gold weatherability crack resistance exterior wall paint

1 excellent covering power 2 net flaver 3 high fullness 4 mildew and algae resistance 5 ultra low VOC