foot massage steam sauna

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shower foot feet cleaner/scrubber/spa massager

contains over 1000 soft cleaning brushes smothes heels with pumice stone secure with suction cups to any tub or shower

with wide LCD screen dual ionic foot spa with with Dual FIR Infrared belts

1.ionic foot spa 2.contain two bamboo charcoal 3.wide LCD screen 4.dual ions display 5.ion detox function ,aqual

Body cleansing machine detox ionic detoxification bath contain foot massage function

ionic detoxification 1.Pain and Stress relief 2.Improved sleep 3.Improved the immune system 4.Reduced fluid retention

fat foot massage

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China container home memory foam chair cushion

China container home memory foam chair cushion: 1.size:40x42x8cm 2.meterial:gel+memory foam 3.Use:offic

Portable Ion Foot Spa AH-62B

Detox foot spa for dual screens Dual working system With detox function Contains tow bamboo charcoal far infrared waistbands

Lovely Y-roller containing germanium foot cellulite massager

reduce tiredness facial,neck,arm,hand,leg and knee massager body shaping face-lift containing germanium

150x150 round shape foot and back massage soap container hydro shower cubicle

Shower cubicle Model:9018 1.LED top light 2.Top and handle shower 3.Iron frame