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8802A portable ion foot spa

portable ion foot spa hydrosana detox foot spa health care music ce passed

wholesale cheap ion portable electric foot spa

1.Pased CE & ROHS and Own the patented 2.One year warranty 3.9 year's experience portable electric foot spa

2 piece foot massager

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shower foot feet cleaner/scrubber/spa massager

contains over 1000 soft cleaning brushes smothes heels with pumice stone secure with suction cups to any tub or shower

Foot massage mats

Spike Mats contains a total of 6,210 points designed to stimulate acupuncture points, muscles and nerves.

Body cleansing machine detox ionic detoxification bath contain foot massage function

ionic detoxification 1.Pain and Stress relief 2.Improved sleep 3.Improved the immune system 4.Reduced fluid retention

Silicone Insole/toe protector/foot cushion

1. Foot massage 2. High quality at competitive price 3. Giving maximum comfort from your shoes 4. Anti-slide and adjustable

Mini Foot Massage cargo container cabin(GT0513)

cargo container cabin: 1),800x800x2150mm. 2),Body Jets/Foot massage/LED

foot massage steam sauna

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Herbal Lavender and Ylang Ylang Massage Oil

1.Natural Plant Pure Ylang Essential Oil 2.GMPC EU&FDA, ISO, SGS 3.Balances oily skin, moisturizes hand and foot skin

Mini Y-shaped portable type containing germanium foot massage roller

anti-wrinkle facial,neck,arm,hand,finger,leg,foot and knee massager body shaping face-lift containing germanium

foot massage sofa

Various design modern foot massage sofa for event,club,wedding

Blood circulation promotion Ankle germanium containing designed by japanese foot

Comfortable heat-retaining fiber keeps the body warm from the center. It has massaging effect thanks to its special rough knit.

Portable Ion Foot Spa AH-62B

Detox foot spa for dual screens Dual working system With detox function Contains tow bamboo charcoal far infrared waistbands

150x150 round shape foot and back massage soap container hydro shower cubicle

Shower cubicle Model:9018 1.LED top light 2.Top and handle shower 3.Iron frame

fat foot massage

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New detox foot spa for dual screens

detox foot spa,Contains tow bamboo charcoal far infrared waistbands to maintain people's shape.

Ginger root extract best herbal natural medicine health foot massage

Ginger root extract best herbal natural medicine health foot massage *Ginger root extract is good for health *100% pure

Container Home Sharper Image Electric Infrared Electric Foot Massager With Pulse

Electric Foot Massager 1.Acupuncture point therapy 2.Ease foot tiredness 3.Original factory 4.OEM/ODM

Foot massage honeycomb eva insole

1.multi-color ,white,black 2.waterproof and soft 3.non-toxic, 0.5mm -4mm 4.max 1m -1.5m 5.ROHS/SGS/EN71 certification

container showers and toilets BS3-80C

1.5mm grey tempered glass; 2.hydromassage,hand shower/moveableshower; 3.foot massage,back massage.

combine with acupuncture function ion cleanse foot bath

1.ion cleanse foot detox with acupuncture function to purifed body 3.contains bamboo charcoal waistband 4.get ce