fresh apple for market

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2014 Best price fresh apple with good quality!!!

1,Long-term stable source 2,Crisp apple with thin peel 3,Fast delivery (within 1 week) 4,Best quality with lowest price


fresh CHINESE red fuji apple 1.Crispy peel and sweet taste 2.High quality and competitive price 3.Strict inspection

best price for fresh apple

Huaniu Apple: 1. smooth and shinning skin, 2. sweet and crisp, 3. high suger content 4. Global GAP

fresh apples for 2013

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2014 Fresh Apple of Fruit

1.fresh apple 2.Global GAP,Green Food, ISO color,white pulp 4.average weight is 280g 5.premium quality,best price

Fresh Apple

All kinds of fresh apple a) Fuji apple 2plys 80%+ blush b) Golden apple 18/20kg carton c) Gala apple origin: Yantai

2014 fresh apple depend on client's market change

1. Very good quality with competitive price 2. HACCP Global GAP Certification 3. Min order : 10MT

fresh apple exporter

fresh apple exporter 1.Taste sweet 2.Rich in vitamin 3.Can be eaten raw