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selected quality fresh red garlic for sale

red garlic Color: normal white (or red garlic) Certificate: ISO,HACCP, GAP garlic in 10kg carton box

Wholesale China fresh garlic export for sales.

Wholesale China white fresh garlic export 1)New Yield,Fresh 2)Size:4.5cm to 6.5cm 3)Low price,we have our own factory

Garlic/Garlic Price/Fresh Garlic, Hot Sale To More Than 56 Country

Fresh Garlic/Garlic Price 1.Size:4.5/5.0/5.5/6.0/6.5cm 2.Certification:SGS,Eurep GAP 3.Packaging:Mesh bag/Carton

jinxiang fresh garlic for sale

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High-quality Pure Fresh Garlic For Sale

2014 Chinese fresh natural garlic 1.Own garlic factory 2.Certification : HACCP 3.variety size and package

2014 Chinese fresh garlic for sale in shandong

2014 fresh garlic Variety: normal white and pure white out skin Sizes: 4.5cm up, 5.0cm up, 5.5cm up, 6

High Quality Natural White Fresh Garlic For Sale

High Quality Fresh Garlic For Sale HACCP,ISO9001:2000,GAP 4.5-6.0 cm and up fresh garlic price

the most popular china fresh garlic for sale

fresh garlic for sale nutritious and of high quality good for health-clean no injury and decay

2012 fresh garlic for sale

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fresh white nuture garlic and fresh white garlic for sale

fresh white garlic 1.Our own land for plant garlic 2.High quality,nutritious,good for health,and cheapper 3.GAP HACCP ISO

fresh garlic for sale fresh china garlic

1.good quality with best price 2.different sizes for your choice 3. factory direct ,quality assurace

fresh garlic for sale

1. Competitive price 2. good quality 3. Professional service

natural fresh garlic for sale in China

natural fresh garlic for sale in China- China pure white garlic,We source the best garlic from farmers direct

fresh garlic for sale

Normal white garlic & pure white garlic 1.size:4.5cm,5.0cm,5.5cm,6.0cm and uo 2.loose packing:5kg,8kg,9kg,10kg/mesh bag/carton

2012 fresh garlic for sales

Fresh Garlic A)Normal white and pure white B)Jinxiang, China C)HACCP,ISO9000 D)4cm-6cm up, packing accordingly

normal white fresh garlic for sale

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fresh garlic for sale in malesiya

fresh garlic for sale fresh garlic 4cm to 7 cm white garlic

China Fresh Garlic for Sale

China Fresh Garlic for Sale 1.Certification:HACCP,ISO 2.Since 1998 3.Attractive in Price and Quality

Fresh Garlic high quality for sale

SMATrading Company can supply you large quantity from fresh vegetables and fruits, with high quality, with competitive prices.