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1. IQF POLLOCK FROZEN ALASKA FILLET 2.Size:2oz-10oz up. 3.Certificates: EEC,FDA,HACCP, ETC. 4.Shelf Life: 2 years

Frozen skinless APO fillets Alaska Pollock Fillet IQF

IQF Frozen APO fillets Alaska Pollock Fillet1.Boneless,skinless 2.Size:2/4,4/6,6/8oz 3.Process:IQF/interleaved/BQF,PBO/PBI

Frozen Alaska pollock fillets

Frozen alaska pollock fillets Size:2-4/4-6/6-8/8-10/10up/piece Glazing:100% NW,10-35% glazing Packing :10kg/ctn or bulk pack

Cod Fillet

Cod Fillet: Specification: Frozen Pacific Cod fillet, skinless, boneless, PBO, 8/16, 16/32oz.,10kg

frozen cod bits block

frozen cod bits block, skinless & boneless. origin:China specis: Gudus macrocephalus 7.5kg/block * 4 per carton

Dry salited cod piece

1.dry blue whiting shred,seafood. 2.plenty of materials. 3.HACCP certification 150710036 4.EU no.2100/02611 5.FDA

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Cod backbones with swim bladder (fish maw)

Backbone from salted and filleting fish production.

frozen fish blocks - cubes

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Frozen cod portion

1.fresh fish 2.Size:6/8,8/10,10/12,12/16,16/32oz 3.Process&packing:IQF,IWP+carton/Bulk+carton 4.NW:70%~100%

Frozen Cod : Frozen Reef Cod

Whole Round IQF / BLOCK Frozen

Frozen IQF Light Salted Atlantic Cod /Pacific Cod Portion

Frozen IQF Light Salted Atlantic Cod /Pacific Cod Portion Gadus morhua/Gadus Macrocephalus size:2oz, 3oz, 4oz;

Frozen high quality Fish pacific cod loin

Frozen high quality Fish pacific cod loin 1.skinless, bonless, 100%N.W. no dimension limited, 2.Size:3/4.4/5.5/6oz 3.bulk

Frozen cod cheek

We are offering Frozen cod cheek a product from a Cod Head. in 13,5 kg blocks. Landfrozen

frozen cod fillets ( white fish fillets)

frozen cod fillets, (liparis tanakae) skinless, PBI or PBO size: 80/150g,150/300g,300g up BQF, 7.5KG/BLOCK origin:China

vertical frozen fish blocks

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frozen Cod Portion

MSC Pacific cod portion 70-130;170-230, skinless, PBO, 100%N.W,1kg color bagx10 per carton

raw silver fish and frozen dried cod fish for purchase

1.Name:frozen silver fish 2.Size:4-6cm,6-8cm,8-10cm,10-12cm 3.MOQ:20'FCL 4.Certificate:FDA,EEC,QS,ISO


We can supply any kind of Frozen Fish and Fishery products very Fresh and Best Quality,Processed in modern plant.

pacific cod

pacific cod 125-175g size range, 6/8oz 10kg/ctn packing

frozen atlantic cod fillet

4-8, 8-16, 16-32, 32+oz, skin on or off, PBI/PBO, natural fillet/portion/loin/tail, or light salted

Frozen pacific cod fillet

high quality frozen pacific cod fillet