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Frozen Atlantic Salmon

Salmon Salar Premium Quality, head on, year of catching 2014, gutted, size 5-6

vertical frozen fish blocks

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stockfish cod

1,4-8,8-16,16-32,32oz+, 2,skin on/off,PBO,/PBI 3,natural fillet,portion,loin,fillet block,loiness block

Polar cod

Polar cod, boreogadus saida, white fish meat, cheaper and good. From atlantic ocean the small of the cods familiy.


We can supply any kind of Frozen Fish and Fishery products very Fresh and Best Quality,Processed in modern plant.

Best Dried Stockfish Cod,Saithe,Cod Fish, Head - Stockfish

StockFish and Frozen Fish From Norway,Cod stockfish Fishmail.Grade A StockFish and Frozen Fish .