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Butterfly Pea Tasteless Bottle Drink for Sale

1.Type:Instant Drink 2.Style:Drink 3.Variety:Butterfly Pea 4.Place of Origin:Thailand 5.Taste:Tasteless


suitable for television viewing time and relax

Seaweed Snack

Seaweed Snack 150g*60bags/ctn 1kg*10bags/ctn 1kg*2*4boxes/ctn 1kg*2*4plastic boxes/bundle

100 fruits

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2014 hot sale bamboo toothpicks newest danish flag toothpicks with double points

Bamboo toothpick Competitive price and good quality Professioanl production bamboo plastic dental toothpicks

Special Shaped Aluminum Foil Containers for fruit/food taking

A versatile range of rolled edge square/rectangular foil containers. Bakery shapes include Croissant, muffin and danish trays.

hight quality,lowest price antique danish flag toothpicks bamboo toothpick

antique danish flag toothpicks best quality cheese paper toothpicks antique danish flag toothpicks Professioanl production

danish coloration

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Butter Cookies

Fresh fruits jam Soft cookies Differnt fruits

Transparency Carrageenan Jelly Pudding Powder

Transparent Carrageenan Jelly pudding Powder 1.Enhance elastic properties 2.HACCP ISO QS 3.Low syneresis

Anthon Berg Grape in Muscat Wine Fruit in Marzipan Danish Chocolates

Delicate marzipan discs with Strawberry fruit and champagne and the finest marzipan

Pastries - Deep Frozen

Sweet Pastries, Filled Doughnuts and Danish Pastries - Deep Frozen Ready to serve - just defrost and enjoy it!



Date Marmalade

Dates Marmalade is used as filling matter in COOKIES, FRUIT CAKES, DANISH, SWEETS, Buns, Strudels, etc.