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CC fruit jam

fruit jam 20g /pc , 30 pcs / plastic box or display boxe

Nestle Rowntrees Fruit Bottles 45g Bag

1,500 cases (each case contains 36 x 45g bags)


Bubble Floss which is candy floss which turns into bubblegum once eaten.

Taverners Coconut Mushrooms Sweets - 190g Bags

Remember when sweets tasted best? Taverners are a celebration of all your favourite proper sweets!

dimensions fruit

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Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 52.5g x 48

Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles 52.5g x 48

Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles Bag 12 x 170g


Super Sour Grape Jelly-Q Pastilles

Unique and advanced production line ensures quantity and quality.

0.6g coating mix fruit mints candy packaged in tin box

1. 100% xylitol 2. various flavors 3. keep teeth healty 4. price raisonable according to volume 5. guaranteed supply abilit

Double layer fire proof shutter slat cold process line

1,Unique 2,Chinese best quality 3,Customized 4,Italy technology 5,Fire proof shutter slat cold process line

kit kat chunky THIS AD LIVE AT MARCH 2014

kit kat chunky toffee crisp tubes fruit pastilles

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content: 13 candies flavour: fruit size: 60 x 20 x 8 mm

Candy Blister "Minis"

Content: 18 pastilles "Minis" Availabe flavours: fruit, mint, sugarfree mint Dimensions: 85 x 62 x 8 mm

quattro box

Content: 25 g powder candy (mint, fruit) 25 g pastilles "Minis" (mint, fruit) 18 g chewing gum (mint) 20 g Jelly & Jelly

candy, toffee, cake, biscuit, wafer, gum, pastille, chocolate

we produce with high quality and standards raw material.


Wine gums, Liquorice Allsorts, Fruit Pastilles, Jelly Babies and many other products. PACK STYLE