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frozen fruit

frozen fruit 1-raw material from our plant base 2-pick out defective material then processed 3-QC supervision

Georgia IQF Sour Cherry Frozen Fruit

1. Type: Frozen Cherry Fruit 2. Process: IQF 3. Pack: Bulk, Vacuum Pack 4. Certification: ISO 22000:2005 5. Origin: Georgia

The new season selling Frozen Fruits Strawberry At Good Market price

Frozen strawberry 1)specification:15-25mm,25-35mm, 35mm above 2)raw material:from greenhouse planting 3) high quality and be

Frozen Strawberry Fruit

frozen strawberry sengana, all star A#13 etc. 15-25mm,25-35mm, 35mm above no foreign taints and odours. HACCP, ISO etc.