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chinese shandong garlic

1. fresh 2014 new crop. garlic. 2. ten years manufacturer. 3. with our own cold storage ability 20000tons.

and garlic product

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China Agriculture Products Red Garlic

Fresh Garlic: 1).We Have Our Own Factory 2).We Know The Quality Standard Of Each Country 3).The Lowest Price & Best Quality

2014 new crop fresh garlic products

fresh garlic products 1.Size: 4.5/5.0/5.5/ 6.0/6.5cm 2.Origin:Jinxiang,China 3.We have our own factory.

1200mg Flaxseed Oil & Garlic Products & GLA Products

1 Flaxseed & Cod Liver Oil Softgel Capsule Oem Private label 2 Pharmaceutical & dietary supplement use 3 Private label 4 Oem

Dehydrated garlic products

Dehydrated vegetables of garlic factory: 1.raw garlic price cheap USD350/ton 2.Meterial:2014 crop fresh garlic 3.Color white

Natural China garlic extract bulk wholesale allicin extract garlic product

extract garlic product 1.100% Natural pure extract 2.1% Allicin.6% alliin 3.KOSHER,GMP,HACCP 4 Free samples

china garlic production

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GMP Factory Extract Garlic Products

1. Quantity assurance 2. GMP & TUV cetifed supplier. 3. Free sample and fast delivery 4. Pure and Natural, no additions.

high quality garlic extract,extract garlic product

1 factory supply 2 competitive price 3 excellent quality control 4 HALAL, ISO, HACCP 5 professional service.

Special fat (No.392) oil products garlic for Japanese ramen soup 2kg

This is the marvelous garlic lard fried up thoroughly with garlic made in Aomori, Japan. Can use for ramen and fried rice.