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High Adhesion hot melt polyurethane

High Adhesion hot melt polyurethane: 1. Excellent Adhesion 2. Wearproof 3. Good impact resistance

Hydrophobic Polyurethane Injection Grout

1.Fills voids and holes 2.Non Hazardous 3.Environmentally Friendly 4.Low viscosity allows penetration into small cracks

6 cl glass

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Caulk remover silicone mastic

Caulk remover silicone mastic 1.Economical Neutral Sealant 2.Non-acidic 3.Excellent adhesion

silicone sealants tool suppliers mastic

silicone sealants tool suppliers mastic 1, Water Resistant 2, Permanently flexible 3, Windows & Glass sealing

Mastic P.E.65% Boswellic Acid Supplier--Hunan Nutramax Inc.

1.Mastic P.E. 2.Ratio:4:1~20:1 3.ISO/HALAL/KOSHER/QS 4.Light yellow powder 5.Boswellic acid 20%~65%


Mastic suitable for: Marble, Granite, Stone, Cement, Glass, Ceramic etc... It is the best of the large scale used filter-paste.