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Glyphosate 41%

Non-selective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the foliage, with rapid translocation throughout the plant.


Urea industry,agri grade 46% prilled N46 Nitrogen: 46.6%Moisture: 0.4% Biuret:0.9% Particle size(0.85-2.80mm): 98%

Roundup Herbicide Glyphosate (Roundup 41% SL,48% ,360G/Ll,480 G/L,62%,95%TC)

Glyphosate Glyphosate 48%SL (480g/l)/ 41%SL/ 36%SL Glyphosate 95% TC; Glyphosate 62%; High quality. Packing Customerize

Herbicide Roundup Glyphosate 480g l ipa sl

1.Glyphosate 480g l ipa sl 2.Customized production 3.Competitive price 4.Fast delivery 5. Registration suport

flexability product

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Agricultural Organo Silicone Surfactant glyphosate auxiliary

glyphosate auxiliary Super spreading and penetrating property, equivalent product:Silwet 408 & Break Thru 240 glyphosate auxil


Our company can mass production of the product,and the product quality is good, the price is right.

Roundup & glyphosate 360g/l & 41% IPA SL & 480sl glifosate

glyphosate 41% SL glyphosate 480 sl 7-8 containers production capacity per day for 1L bottle 12% tallow amine surfactant


cost-effective product,we are the manufacturers.

glyphosate shanghai

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Herbicide Glyphosate 41% SL

1.Product name: glyphosate 2.good quality with different colour 3.quick shipment 4.registration support 5.competive price


1. Malathion TC 2. Purity 95% 3. CAS No.121-75-9 4. 6000t production capability/year

Glyphosate 41% SL

Best quality Glyphosate (Roundup) 41% SL formulation herbicide in India.

Super Quality Glyphosate 95% (Ida)

China Shenghua Group, is one of China's largest production enterprises for Agrochemical and medicame