graphit iron casting

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Inoculant fuction as spheroidal graphite cast iron

Inoculant fuction 1.professional manufacturer quality and best service 3.ISO&SGS QA

buy FeSi inoculant as spheroidal graphite cast iron

buy FeSi inoculant 1.13 years' manfacture experience 2.Controlled composition&size 3.ISO&SGS 4.Low contend of

Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron, Available in Various Finish, Weighs 0.5 to 50kg

Aluminum sand casting. 1.Material: Steel/Alu 2.Surface: sand blasting 3.OEM Service available 4Competitive price

compressed graphite iron

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OEM High quality and custom-made casting Machining Nodular Graphite Iron

Machining Nodular Graphite Iron 1.iron/steel/brass 2 furan resin sand casting

OEM iron foundry Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron

OEM iron foundry Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron 1. Sales know technology 2. Strict Inspection 3. 12 Years Experience

spheroidal graphite cast iron

1.spheroidal graphite cast iron 2.aluminum 3.OEM is accepted 4.10 years experiences

graphit iron

1.Test pressure: >=EN1 MPa 2.Spray zinc quality: ISO8179 3.Bituminous paint: thickness>=70aam 4.Lining quality:ISO4179/ 2531