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TP618 epoxy acrylate resin

TP618 epoxy acrylate resin, a bisphenol A-based epoxy resin with acrylic modified through together, also known as propylene viny

bopp 35mic

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BOPP Tape Gravure Ink

Our variety of BOPP tape grade ink is produced solely and specially for the BOPP Tape industry in accordance

Water-based Acrylic Emulsion - PET PVC BOPP Intaglio Printing Ink

1 Gravure ink of soft pack. 2 Plastic coating. 3 Coating of PET PVC BOPP paper. 4.Excellent color performance.

Gravure printing ink used in gravure printing machinery

1. Max. speed: 60m/min 2. Obturated oven, automatic temperature 3. Frequency converter 4. Main parts form Japan, Europe.


FILM COATING BOPP 1Suitable for High efficiency film coating 2Max working width 2000mm 3Total power 7

bopp trasparent film

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printing inks for plastic bags

1 .Easy to use,beautiful,waterproof 2 . logo according to your design 3. 100% original 4. all brands can supply

eco ink and free design plastic matte stand up zip bag for nuts

eco plastic bag 1Safty material for food 2.With ziplock,it can be resealed 3.Great to prevent leakage 4.OEM service

Direct Manufacturer Alcohol solvent-water-Based Gravure Plastic Lamination Printing Ink

Alcohol-water-based Gravure Plastic Lamination Printing Ink BOPP OPP %100 TURKISH PRODUCTION LOW COST CERTIFICATE ISO-SGS

Gravure Printing inks for PET,BOPP

solvent based printing inks,gravure printing,roll to roll,flexible packaging,food packaging,flexible laminate

ASY-600-1000Combined Type gravure printing ink

gravure printing ink 1.Gravure printing machine 2.combined gravure printing