green polyurethane board

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Compare Retail or Wholesale Green silk screen Polyurethane squeegee

1. ISO9001:2000 2. Effective cleaning 3. OEM, welcome your drawings 4.Good oil and water resistance 5. Mechanical intens

silver sea green granite high modulus polyurethane/PU adhesive sealant gule pu822

1.High modulus and high elasticity 2.Extrudability>80ml/min 3.Elongation at break>600% 4.Excellent expansion and shrinkage

architectural decorative beveled polyurethane / pu molding

1. High quality. 2. Economical and practical. 3. Durable and easy to instal. 4. Competitive prices.

30*7mm 50 shore bevel edge polyurethane squeegee

bevel edge polyurethane squeegee bevel edge squeegee blade polyurethane squeegee bevel edge 25*5mm 30*5mm 50*9mm