gyta 12 core fiber optic cable

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Outdoor single mode duct type fiber optic cable GYTA

Aerial and Conduit Light armored fiber optic g.652 cable Cable GYTA Application Range:for long distance & local communications

Supply High Qauality And Cheap 2~288 Fiber Outdoor Fiber Optic Cable GYTA

Up to 432 fiber Aluminum tape armored prociding property moisture resistance GYTA approved by SGS,REACH,ROHS.

GYTA/TYXTW Single Mode 6 cores Outdoor single mode fiber optic cable

1.Good mechanical and temperature performance 2.High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant 3.Special tube filling

structure of gyta 216

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Duct/Aerial Stranded Loose Tube Non-armored Fiber Optic Cable GYTA;OEM offered

Stranded Loose Tube Non-armored Fiber Optic Cable GYTA; Duct/Aeria 2~108 fibers OEM services offered YD/T 901-2001

Aluminum Tape layer Loose Tube Outdoor Optical Fiber Cable GYTA

1)Aluminum Tape layer Loose Tube Outdoor Optical Fiber Cable GYTA 2)Steel tape armoured 3)PE jacket 4)OEM order

optical fiber cable GYTA

GYTA 1)CSM:Steel wire 2)filler rod, flooding compound 3)Al tape armoured, PE jacket 4)OEM order is welcome

gyta 53 fiber optical cables

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Optic Fiber Cables GYTA

1.optical fiber cable GYTA 2.100% test before delivery 3.Factory price 4.Duct cable

High quality Optical Fiber Product Type GYTA

-In accord ITU AND IEC standard -Wires are divided in ODF frame -Good changeability -Low insertion loss -High reflection

GYTA - (2-216) gysts communication outdoor optical cable

1.Tight buffer fiber, aramid yam, excellent flame retardant; 2.Aramid yarn ensures excellent performance of tensile strength

High Performance Fiber Optic Cable GYTA for Aerial & Duct Use Outdoor Cable

Fiber Optic - GYTA 1.Factory competitive price 2.PE Sheath 3.100% good quality guarantee 4.good flexibility

GYTA good quality but cheap price fiber optical cable GYTA for telecommunication

ISO9001:2000 CERTIFIED. Special designed ARMORED FIBER OPTIC CABLE for outdoor usage. Low attenuation, low dispersion.