cabin burner

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Hangzhou OTSE passenger elevator of hairline stainless steel cabin for 630kg 8 person

1,good price and good quality 2:space saver 3.stable moving 4.Advanced VVVF drive

hairline etched stainless steel elevator cabin

hairline etched stainless steel 1.Grade:201 2.Thickness:0.3-3mm 3.MOQ: 50 piece 4.advantages:goodquality,low price

Factory Direct Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet Elevator Cabin

Factory Direct Hairline Finish Stainless Steel Sheet Elevator Cabin

Etching hairline stainless steel elevator cabin

1.Passenger Elevator Cabin 2.Won CE, Ghost and ISO certificate 3.Traction machine: Gearless 4.For Passenger elevators

SRH Passanger Elevator with Hairline stainless steel cabin

SRH Pasanger elevator 1.VVVF drive system 2.CE, ISO9001, ISO14001,GOST 3.Saving space,

grow cabinate

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2013 new building construction materials super high quality stainless steel elevator cabin

elevator price hairline stainless steel sheet 1,OEM/ODM 2,Mixed surface treatment 3,Newest luxury design 4,Fast delivery

Elevator Cabin 0.8Mm Thickness Color Steel Sheet

Color Steel Sheet 1.Fireproof, Waterproof,Colorful 2.Sample Free 3.Quality Guaranty 5 years 4.Timely Delivery

panoramic elevator cabin

panoramic elevator cabin 1.expanding visual space elevator 2.competitive price 3.ISO9000&OHSAS 4.Founded in 1999

Good quality etching steel Elevator Cabin

Good quality etching steel elevatror cabin 1.Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel, LED light 2.Cabinet:Mirror ,stainless steel