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halal fresh frozen lamb meat

We have both the Sheep and Lamb Carcass The lamb is approximately 9months to 2 years The Sheep is approximately 2years above

Lamb Meat

Excellent quality varieties of new born lamb, lamb, mutton and goat direct from the pastures. Available vacuum packed, frozen v

halal fresh frozen lamb meat

frozen halal lamb meat 1.skinless,fat tail on/off 2.packed by polybag and then cotton bag with label showing exact weight

Chilled Halal Mutton Meat

We are one of leading exporters of Chilled Halal Mutton Meet of Sheep, Lamb, Goat Meat in Pakistan.

Australian Sheep meat

Australian Lamb and sheep meat in carcass ,6 way cut or primals . Can be frozen or chilled .By sea or air . Can be Halal killed

Fresh Mutton Meat

Whole carcass is in weight range of 8 to 12 Kg, depending on the requirements of the customer.

halal frozen lamb price

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Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton

We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcase and cuts Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase

New Zealand Lamb

Whole carcass, Legs, Middles & Shoulders Boneless, Bone-in

Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton

Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton


We can provide lamb 6 ways or different cuts of lamb as per customer specifications.

Lamb , Mutton

Halal Lamb/Halal Mutton

halal frozen lamb meat

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Australian Lamb & Mutton (Halal & Frozen)

(1) Best quality. (2) Halal & Frozen Lamb & Mutton (3) Halal Certificate available (4) Fresh Chilled & Frozen Available.

Mutton / Lamb / Sheep Head

Frozen Mutton , Lamb , Sheep head. HALAL Available. Spain


Quality Australian sheep meat, Halal Certified, Ordered to Customers specifications. Contact us today for a free quote.

Australian New Season Lamb

Australian New Season Lamb Whole carcass frozen Lamb 3 x40 foot full container (each approx. 18 tonnes)


LAMB HEAD, VACUUM PACKAGED. 2 Units Bag Frozen product. Keep at -18

Frozen Lamb Feet

Frozen lamb feet, skin off, nails off, in cartons

halal frozen lamb pakistan

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Lamb 6-Way Cut

Lamb 6-Way Cut Features: 1) Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts 2) Halal slaughtered

234 Boneless Lamb Leg

234 Boneless Lamb Leg Halal

Frozen lamb chops

Frozen lamb saddle chops Good quality Halal certificate

Lamb Meat

Lamb Meat from Uruguay. Excellent prices and quality 100% guaranteed!


Specifications 1. Type: Beef Meat 2. Style: Frozen 3. Feature: Boneless