halal frozen lamb meat

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Halal Fresh / Frozen Goat / Lamb / Sheep Meat / Carcass

Sheep/Lamb/Goat Meat/Carcass, frozen whole lamb carcas, halal sheep and lambs, halal whole lamb, HALAL GOAT MEAT, HALAL MUTTON

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcase and cuts Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut Import Agency Services

1.Meat import agent 2.Years experience of meat import 3.High quality, competitive price 4.Professional Services

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

Lamb 6 Way Cut Features: 1) Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts 2) Halal slaughtered