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Frozen Lamb Forequarter, Neck on

- frozen lamb forequarter, neck on, IWP - Vacuum packed in cartons - halal

halal lamb and sheep feet

100% halal lamb feet, washed, shaved, cleaned and part cooked. Slaughtered according to shariah law

Lamb Carcass (8-16kg) - Halal Certified

we are producers and exporters of lamb carcarss and live animals

Lamb Halal HMC certified unstunned

Quality fresh British Lambs Whole carcass or cut to requirements. Halal certified by HMC (The Halal Monitoring Committee)

Halal Fresh / Frozen Goat / Lamb / Sheep Meat / Carcass

Sheep/Lamb/Goat Meat/Carcass, frozen whole lamb carcas, halal sheep and lambs, halal whole lamb, HALAL GOAT MEAT, HALAL MUTTON


Specifications 1. Type: Beef Meat 2. Style: Frozen 3. Feature: Boneless

meat ; halal ; lamb ; kosher

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Halal Chilled Lamb / Goat Meat Carcass / Sheep Carcass Chilled Fresh

Halal meat sheep lamb, Halal whole lamb, Whole lamb carcass, Frozen Lamb goat meat, Fresh Halal Goat Meat

Halal Muslim sheep goat lamb slaughtering and processing line

-equipped with complete sheep slaughter equipment -high efficiency and economy -can be designed according to customer's needs

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcase and cuts Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase

halal lamb meat

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meat dicing machine halal meat sheep lamb

1,High Efficiency 2,Low energy consumption 3,High fineness 4 flexible adjustment

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

Lamb 6 Way Cut Features: 1) Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts 2) Halal slaughtered

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut Import Agency Services

1.Meat import agent 2.Years experience of meat import 3.High quality, competitive price 4.Professional Services

Halal Pet Food Lamb & Rice & Vegetable Recipe

Halal Pet Food Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joint

halal lamb/sheep carcass

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halal lamb & mutton

New Zealand best halal meat.

halal lamb and sheep feet

We are one f the highest suppliers of Lam meat,sheep meat,Beef,Goat meat and all our meat are Halal Certified


Halal Lamb Sheep Ewe Carcasses Wholesale, Export and Domestic Cuts Offal Skins Casings Local Organic Fresh Chilled Frozen


We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcass and cuts