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Australian Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Goat Meat

Samex Australian Meat Co. P/L is a world wide exporter of Australian Lamb, Mutton, Goat, and Beef. We are also global traders.

halal fresh frozen lamb meat

frozen halal lamb meat 1.skinless,fat tail on/off 2.packed by polybag and then cotton bag with label showing exact weight

meat ; halal ; lamb ; kosher

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Halal Chilled Lamb / Goat Meat Carcass / Sheep Carcass Chilled Fresh

Halal meat sheep lamb, Halal whole lamb, Whole lamb carcass, Frozen Lamb goat meat, Fresh Halal Goat Meat

Halal Pet Food Lamb & Rice & Vegetable Recipe

Halal Pet Food Omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joint

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcase and cuts Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase

Halal Muslim sheep goat lamb slaughtering and processing line

-equipped with complete sheep slaughter equipment -high efficiency and economy -can be designed according to customer's needs

halal meat chilled lamb , goat , sheep , beef

Alpha Oriental Co. is a long established Meat Trading Company based in Australia & we have been supplying the finest quality Be

halal lamb meat

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Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut Import Agency Services

1.Meat import agent 2.Years experience of meat import 3.High quality, competitive price 4.Professional Services

halal lamb and sheep feet

We are one f the highest suppliers of Lam meat,sheep meat,Beef,Goat meat and all our meat are Halal Certified

Halal Chilled Lamb / Goat Meat Carcass / Sheep Carcass Chilled Fresh

Chilled goat meat Frozen whole lamb carcass Halal sheep and lambs, sheep and goat meat Halal Fresh Sheep / Goat / Lamb Meat

meat dicing machine halal meat sheep lamb

1,High Efficiency 2,Low energy consumption 3,High fineness 4 flexible adjustment

halal lamb/sheep carcass

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Halal Lamb Sheep Ewe Carcasses Wholesale, Export and Domestic Cuts Offal Skins Casings Local Organic Fresh Chilled Frozen

Frozen Halal Lamb 6 Way Cut

Lamb 6 Way Cut Features: 1) Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts 2) Halal slaughtered