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Australian Halal Spring(young) Lamb Carcass

Australia Spring Lamb Carcass Weight 10 to 13KG 5 to 6 months Breed - Merino and Dorper

Frozen lamb chops

Frozen lamb saddle chops Good quality Halal certificate

Argentina Frozen Goat Meat

Frozen Goat Meat from Northern Argentina. We provide markets like Angola, Netherlands Antilles and Saudi Arabia.

lamb 6way cuts

Australian Beef, lamb and mutton meat Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts Frozen whole chicken and parts Halal slaughtered

Bone In Mutton Hind Legs

We are selling bone in mutton hind legs in large quantity to Muslim countries. Halal slaughtered. Th

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Halal Muslim sheep goat lamb slaughtering and processing line

-equipped with complete sheep slaughter equipment-high efficiency and economy-can be designed according to customer's needs

meat ; halal ; lamb ; kosher

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halal lamb and sheep feet

100% halal lamb feet, washed, shaved, cleaned and part cooked. Slaughtered according to shariah law

Halal Lamb Leg with Good Quality

Part: Lamb leg with bone Packing: 25kg/bag Certificate: CIQ, HALAL

halal fresh frozen lamb meat

frozen halal lamb meat 1.skinless,fat tail on/off 2.packed by polybag and then cotton bag with label showing exact weight


We are direct producers and suppliers of good quality Halal Beef Meats and Offals of different types. We sell at affordable CIF


Quality Australian sheep meat, Halal Certified, Ordered to Customers specifications. Contact us today for a free quote.

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Lamb meat > New Zealand grown > Free range > Tender > Free of Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs) > Processed under

halal lamb meat

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Beef & Lamb from Uruguay

- Free range - Grass fed - No hormones used - No antibiotics used - No animalprotein in feed

Halal Sheep and Lamb Carcass Frozen/Chilled

We have both the Sheep and Lamb Carcass The lamb is approximately 9months to 2 years The Sheep is approximately 2years above

Lamb Carcasses. HALAL available

Frozen Lamb Mutton carcass. Differents weights Halal Certificate Available


Suppliers saying "No"? We have supply chains that can get you product right NOW! High Value Customers- Contact us TODAY!

Frozen Lamb Chump, NZ

- frozen lamb chump - Origin: New Zealand - Vacuum packed in cartons - halal

New Zealand Lamb

Whole carcass, Legs, Middles & Shoulders Boneless, Bone-in

halal lamb/sheep carcass

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Mutton / lamb back bones

Selling very large volumes of beef and sheep offal from Europe to Asia and Africa. Mainly offal, by-products and bones.

Hallal and Organic lamb

Halal and Organic Lamb / Sheep Australian Available in Whole Carcass, Bone on Cuts Bone less Cuts

Lamb/mutton loin bone

Lamb or mutton loin bone based on availability made in Australia


We can provide lamb 6 ways or different cuts of lamb as per customer specifications.


LAMB HEAD, VACUUM PACKAGED. 2 Units Bag Frozen product. Keep at -18