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Frozen lamb chops

Frozen lamb saddle chops Good quality Halal certificate

Leg Boneless shoulder neck Mutton/Lamb

Frozen leg Boneless shoulder neck Mutton or lamb

Halal Frozen Lamb Fore Shank/frozen lamb leg

High Quality Halal Frozen Lamb Fore Shank/frozen lamb leg

Lamb Carcass / Six Cuts / Four Cuts / Legs

Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase Frozen chicken and parts

Whole Mutton Carcasses

Australian Whole Mutton carcasses in poly stokinettes or cut in 6 pieces .Sizes available U/ 16 kgs - U / 20 Kgs - U / 24 kgs

Mutton and Lamb Halal and Non-Halal

We have Lamb Carcasses whole or 6 cut to sell. We will cut per buyers needs but prefer to sell entire carcass.

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halal lamb and sheep feet

100% halal lamb feet, washed, shaved, cleaned and part cooked. Slaughtered according to shariah lawHMC halal approved lamb fe

lamb meat

Lamb 6 ways under 17/18/22 kg vacumm pack or IWP LAMB OFFALE (3) Mutton:WHOLE OR 6-Way Cut under 24kg MUTTON SQUARE

alive sheep and lamb

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Hallal and Organic lamb

Halal and Organic Lamb / Sheep Australian Available in Whole Carcass, Bone on Cuts Bone less Cuts

Halal lamb

Our Lamb products are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to islamic requirements


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low price sheep/lamb sausage casing

1.sheep casing 2.Grade:A,B 3.Caliber:16/18,18/20,20/22,22/24,24/26,26/28... 4.Length:90meters per hank

Best quality halal whole lamb/Hot sale electrical / charcoal roast furnace for whole lamb

1.Uniform heat 2.Colour and lustre is consistent 3.short time 4.Multi-function bake complete sheep oven roasted meats

halal sheep lamb

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meat dicing machine halal meat sheep lamb

1,High Efficiency 2,Low energy consumption 3,High fineness 4 flexible adjustment

Mutton / Lamb / Sheep Head

Frozen Mutton , Lamb , Sheep head. HALAL Available. Spain

Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton

We supply premium quality New Zealand Lamb carcase and cuts Halal frozen lamb meat WHOLE MUTTON lamb carcase

New Zealand Lamb

Whole carcass, Legs, Middles & Shoulders Boneless, Bone-in


LAMB HEAD, VACUUM PACKAGED. 2 Units Bag Frozen product. Keep at -18

New Zealand Lamb

New Zealand Lamb meat > New Zealand grown > Free range > Tender > Free of Hormone Growth Promotants (HGPs) > Processed under

picture sheep and lamb

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Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton

Halal Lamb / Halal Mutton

Lamb 6-Way Cut

Lamb 6-Way Cut: Features: 1) Lamb bone-in carcass, 6-way cuts 2) Halal slaughtered

Australian Lamb & Mutton (Halal & Frozen)

(1) Best quality. (2) Halal & Frozen Lamb & Mutton (3) Halal Certificate available (4) Fresh Chilled & Frozen Available.


We can provide lamb 6 ways or different cuts of lamb as per customer specifications.

Frozen Lamb Feet

Frozen lamb feet, skin off, nails off, in cartons

Sheep and Lamb Frozen Meat

We supply large quantities of dairy foods in both raw and processed form world wide at affordable rates.