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Lamb , Mutton

Product: Lamb/Mutton Style: Frozen Storage: Refrigerator Weight: 6kg - 20kg Packaging: IWP and 20 kg cartons

Halal Fresh / Frozen Goat / Lamb / Sheep Meat / Carcass

Sheep/Lamb/Goat Meat/Carcass, frozen whole lamb carcas, halal sheep and lambs, halal whole lamb, HALAL GOAT MEAT, HALAL MUTTON

New Zealand Sheep/Mutton - Frozen or Chilled

Grass-fed New Zealand Sheep. Available in multiple formats chilled or frozen.

Frozen lamb/goat/mutton carcass

Fresh frozen lamb 1.skinless,fat tail on/off 2.packed by polybag and then cotton bag with label showing exact weight

lamb meat

Our company Ovinos Manchegos is offering the best quality for Halal Lamb Meat. ---Halal Lamb carcasses with several

frozen lambs

Organic frozen lamb from Patagonia, Chile

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Whole Headed Bone-In Skin-Off Frozen Lamb Mutton

Whole Headed Bone-In Skin-Off Frozen Lamb Mutton