hard golf bag

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HAX008 eas hard tag golf

eas hard tag golf 1.Dimension: 54mm Dia 2.Frequency: 8.2MHz/4.75Mhz/3.25Mhz/1.95Mhz 3.Lock: Three balls ,Standard,Sup

elastic golf ball/ hardness 3layer golf/ interesting golf ball

--Compression: 80%-85% --Flexibility: above 70% --W.T.: 1.62 Ounce(45.9g) new high quality ball/second-hand ball

Hard Tag Golf Detacher Remover high magnetic 1, 2000gs removal tag remover detacher golf

EAS Magnetic golf detacher Designed for the golf tag Super power detacher Magnetic force:>=12000GS

eas RF hard tag GOLF

R-210;hard tag Frequency:8.2MHz/58KHz Size:45mm Color: black/gray/white or customized

hard golf tag

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Security System Midi Golf Hard Tags HT052 for

1. White Hard Tags Midi Dome HT052 2. For Security System. 3. RF EAS Alarm Gate. 4. Experienced Manufacturer in EAS Security.

China Manufacturer!waterproof IP67 modle512722 plastic golf travel hard case

golf travel hard case Manufacturer OEM production. SGS test Waterproof IP67 Pre-cut foam for DIY Lifetime warranty

8.2Mhz RF EAS alarm system small golf hard tags used in the clothing stores (E-62)

RF EAS alarm system small golf hard tags 1.Frequency:8.2MHz 2.Dimension:45mm 3.Color:white/black or customize

EAS Hard tag golf YF-010

1. good reputation, great quality 2. stable supply abilities 3. excellent after-sales service 4. perfect management system