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against vapour penetration good heat insulators

1.good heat insulators 2.Thickness:2mm-10mm 3.Size:1.2*40m 4.Reflectivity: 95%-97% 5.ISO & CE

PEF heat insulator

PEF heat insulator , rubber & plastic polyethylene heat insulator. 1.adiabatic & effectual 2. dampproof 3. fire prevention

Professional customized heat insulator

Heat insulator: Savings of between 25-40% on energy bills Lower workshop temp Protect heaters

1 conductors and insulators

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160Amp-500Amp Aluminum.Stainless steel conductor bar MARCH heat conductors and insulators

heat conductors and insulators 1.Easy installation 2.reduced simple maintenance 3.Top quality 4.Factory price

Heat conductors and insulators fiberglass cloth

It has high strength, high temperature resistance, heat and electrical insulation, non-flamable.

heat conductors and insulators

heat conductors and insulators 1.Switchgear components2. Operation temperater:-40-+140 degree

list heat conductors

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Low Voltage Copper/Aluminum Conductor 2.5mm Flat Cable

Copper conductor PVC insulation (and sheath) electrical wires. Excellent performance and competitive prices

copper conductor and pvc insulation cheap price pvc insulation flexible wire/building wire/rv/rvv/rvvp screen cable

Voltage: 300/500v Conductor: copper Insulation:PVC Application:lighting/ electric equipment / instrument

Insulated Paper Covered Conductor

1.resistance to high voltage in oil 2.Good electric and heat performance 3.Fast delivery and competitive price

XLPE insulated cable copper conductor

1.Full automatic 2.Reliable and stable maintenance 3.Certification:ISO9001-2000 CCC 4.30 years producing experience