clothing protection from electromagnetic radiation

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stainless steel fibre woven mesh fabric,electromagnetic radiation shielding metallic fabric

made of pure stainless steel 316L fibre,heat resistant,corrosion resistant,conductive,radiation shielding ,woven fabric

Unfloor heating electric cable radiator

Radiator Thin cable Twin conductor cable Emit zero EMF (electromagnetic field)


Features: 1.Without electromagnetic emission. 2.Heat evenly. 3.Digital temperature control. 4.This product can be folded.

Ceramic electric hob,no electromagnetic radiation(ECC-3400)

Ceramic electric hob *Black crystallite glass *touch sensor *child-lock function for protecting

anti electromagnetic radiation

anti electromagnetic radiation can be anodized and extruded high power excellent heat exchange OEM is accepted

electromagnetic radiation health

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Central heating aluminum radiator bleed valves made in shenglin

1.Radiator 2.Can be customerized 3.Work Pressure:0.2~3.1MPa 4.Fin space:1.2~3.5mm 5.Tube Diameter:7, 7.9,9.52,12.75

2013 new electromagnetic radiation with CE ROHS ISO9001, 3rd largest manufacture for IR panels

1,TUV CE ROHS IP56 2, far infrared carbon crystal heater manufacture 3, heat transfer 98% 4, 50 years life, good for health

miniature heat sink / aluminum ssr heat sink / aluminium led heat sink radiator

Heat Sink: 1.Material :Aluminum ; 2.surface finish:natural /clear anodize;all finish available; 3.many kinds and different us

induction cooker heat radiator

1.Good quality 2.low price 3.ODM 4.Delivery time is very short

High quality led aluminum radiator / different types aluminum heat sink / Three Phase SSR all in one heat sink

Heat Sink: 1.Material :Aluminum ; 2.surface finish:natural /clear anodize;all finish available; 3.many kinds and different us

Factory offer electromagnetic fields and waves instrument for diabetes, cancer, tumor, prostate therapy

Factory offer electromagnetic fields and waves instrument; for diabetes, cancer, tumor, prostate therapy; safe, effective

electromagnetic radiation equipment

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PTC self-regulating radiator heating system

radiator heating system 1. sanatory- far infrared ray instead of electromagnetic radiation 2. certificates: CE, ROHS, TUV

electromagnetic water flow meter

electromagnetic water flow meter 1.ultrasonic 2.high quality

99.95 high purity Tungsten sheet/plate/strip for electromagnetic/radiation shield with professional manufacturer in China

1low thermal expansion and good thermal conductivity 2sufficient anti-resistive 3high modulus of elasticity 4wide application

Anti radiation emi shielding fabric

Anti radiation emi shielding fabric 1.Material:Brass/Copper/phosphor 2.Mesh:1-200mesh 3.Shielding material 4.Samples

tdp electromagnetic main-and-collateral-channels cure instrument

1.CE and FDA electromagnetic instrument 2 floor standing with ceramic lamp 3 pains relieveing, sunna,surgical use

HJGP14-3AU Induction drying machine,induction heating equipment

1.Induction Drying Machinery for can making line 2.low consumption 3.Most Energy Saving 4.low radiation, Eco-friendly 5.CE