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single disc electromagnetic brake

DZD2 crane electromagnetic brake is widely used in textile, printing ,packaging machine Torque:4-1000N.m long service

DZSJ1 Series AC spring applied electromagnetic brake

Rated Braking Torque(N.m):5~150 Rated Power(W): 60~250 Rated Voltage(VAC): 220/380 Allowable Max Speed(rpm): 3000

clothing protection from electromagnetic radiation

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over-low electromagnetic radiation waterproof and overheating security protection heated neck warmer

1.Heated Neck Warmer. 2.overheat protection. 3.100% safety. 4.Wattage:30W. 5.Size: 50x50cm.

stainless steel fibre woven mesh fabric,electromagnetic radiation shielding metallic fabric

made of pure stainless steel 316L fibre,heat resistant,corrosion resistant,conductive,radiation shielding ,woven fabric

miniature heat sink / aluminum ssr heat sink / aluminium led heat sink radiator

Heat Sink: 1.Material :Aluminum ; 2.surface finish:natural /clear anodize;all finish available; 3.many kinds and different us

stainless steel electromagnetic radiation shielding metallic fabric

EMI Shielding Wire Cloth 1.Material:AISI304/316,etc. 2.Wire Dia:0.02--2.0mm 3.Aperture:25--500um 4.Certificate: CE/ISO/SGS