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KwangShin Compressor

KwangShin Compressor for CNG

frequency screw air compressor

Frequency screw air compressor 1.high efficiency saving 3.under the stable discharging pressure condition.

high air compressor 40bar

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Oil Free High Pressure Air Compressor

The Search for a reliable 100% Oil free quality air has prompted Indo-Air to come out with totally engineered...

oil-free scroll air compressor 5.5KW/7.5HP high quality air compressor silent

Multi Drive Control Low Noise Low Vibration Space Saving Easy Maintenance

20HP High pressure air compressor

1.two stage compression 2.heavy duty cast iron cylinders 3.220/380/400/440v,50/60Hz 4.10bar/145psi , 12.5bar/180ps

40bar high pressure air compressor

40bar high pressure air compressor 1) FAD:6.0m3/min 2) Pressure:40 bar 3) Motor:Siemens

Shangair 83SH Series 4.0m3/min High Pressure Air Compressors For Blowing Bottles Electric Air Compressor

Air Compressors For Blowing Bottles 1. ISO & CE certification 2. ac air compressor machine 3. low vibration, low noise

1000 bar high air compressor

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1.05/12.5 belt high pressure air compressor

1.05/12.5 belt driven oil lubricated, high pressure air compressor, 7.5kw, pressure 12.5bar.

3-in-1 Mini Air Compressor High Quality

1. 3-in-1 compressor 2. DC12V 3. 250PSI 4. inflate, emergency light, flashlight 5. ABS material

high pressure air compressor GSX100E,300bar

high pressure air compressor Delivery rate:100L/min Max working pressure: 300bar Net weight:42kg Size:66*38*41cm