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Eyebrow extensions

1)Eyebrow extensions 2)Colors-Gold/Light brown/Red brown/Brown/ Dark brown/Black 3)iB eyelashes

Precision Tweezers for Eyelash Extensions

Available in high quality stainless steel.

X type tweezers for eyelash extension stainless steel xtreme eyelash extension tweezers pointed tip

1. Type: Eyebrow tweezers 2.Material: Stainless Steel 3.Feature: High Quality 4.Use: Beauty 5.Place of Origin: Pakistan

high precision oil purifier

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High precision ESD Tweezers of Ningbo ZD

High precision ES tweezers of Ningbo ZD Different size

eye tweezers , high precision tweezer

eye tweezers 1.Custom design accepted 2.Assorted design 3.Printting or decoration 4.1c or 2c logo print

BEST-5 High precision tweezer for computer repair tools

high precision tweezer 1.antimagnetic and anti-static design 2.made of antiacid steel 3.super fine tip straight

S58 LFBG certificated All Stainless Steel Series Slanted high precise tweezer

1. Length:9.2cm 2. Material: 1.2mm stainless steel 3. Finishing: electrophoresis w/ laser

high precision cheap welding equipment

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VETUS High Precision Stainless Tweezers

1.static dacey time:<2.0S 2.permanent ESD protection 3.anti-chemical 4.for class 10-1000 contaminat fall

High precision tweezers MZ-491

Eyebrow tweezers.Material:stainless steel. Cheap and fine.Can be used for sales,promotion and household

VETUS High Precision Stainless Tweezers/ Eyelash Extension Tweezers

VETUS High Precision Stainless Tweezers/ Eyelash Extension Tweezers

Made in china high precision tweezers

high precision tweezers stainless steel tweezers tweezers with girl body it is unique model