waterproof high temperature sealant

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DY-M1215 high temperature silicone sealant

1.Temperature resistance,high seal strength 2.Replace with rubber gasket,cork mat,asbestos mat,pad of paper 3.12 months life

Tubing Casing Pipe High Temperature Thread Sealant

1. API certificate 2. good quality 3.Strong supply capacity 4. Good after-sales service

waterproof high temperature sealant for plumbing

A line factory: plastics factory;spool factory;ptfe tape factory. Factory history:12years for factory ,9years for alibaba.

high temperature sealant adhesive

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waterproof high temperature teflon sealant

1.teflon sealant 2.100% PTFE Tape / TEFLON Tape 3.Other names: PTFE Thread seal tape/ptfe teflon tape/sealing strip

Hengda Kafuter K-703 waterproof high temperature sealant

waterproof high temperature sealant 1.one-part,neutral,room cure 2.seal and pot in electrics components 3.45g/tube

25kg packing white color high quality high temperature sealant for ceramics

high temperature sealant: 1. Environment-friendly&non-harmful 2. Easy application 3. Excellent adhesion