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High Performance Roof Sealant

1. High performance roof sealant; 2. Weather resistance; 3. Waterproof; 4. Resistance to high and low temeperature.

Good performance mastic sealant

1.Use:anticorrosion system tape 2.Material:synthetic fiber by flexible inert grease 3.Color:yellow brown 4.No volatile toxic

High Performance pvc sealant

High Performance pvc sealant 1. Avoid moisture, dirt andother atmospheric composition 2. Pass RoHS, SGS,UL cer

PST-567 High Performance Thread Sealant

Thread Sealant: 1.Withstands high temp up to 204C,high viscosity 2.Can seal screw up to M80 3.Used on stainess steel surface

Hot Products in Adhesives & Sealants

WHITE GLUE in Furniture

WHITE GLUE CE1018HC Good bonding for wood ,paper,plywood,etc. Excellent bonding strengthGood cold and impact resistance.

Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) loca WTS-80201 for touch creen,phone screen repair

1 for resistive&capacitive touch 2 for LCD/Lens bonding 3 for gap filling 4 for anti-splintering 5 for LCD panel

Durable epoxy resin and hardener glue

Durable epoxy resin and hardener glue 1.Avoid moisture, dirt andother atmospheric composition 2. Pass RoHS, SGS,UL cer

Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin, MF Resin. MF

Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin (MU70) shows better water resistance and adhesive strength than common urea-formaldehyde resin has.

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