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New Medical nursing bed ABS honging bed head and bed foothead

ABS honging bed head and bed footboard ABS guardrail can moved up and down Central contral brake wheel

emergency medical trolley cart

emergency medical trolley cart 1.High quality 2.Low price 3.Reliable service 4.Good looking

electric home care nursing wooden bed

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Home Care Nursing Product for Old People

Nursing care bed Automatically distinguish urine and stool Automatically collect the excrement Automatically wash the releasi

Best selling customized anti-aging home care nursing

home care nursing 1.Remove body fat 2.Deeding improve skin 3.Improve metabolism 4.Deeping improve skin

ABS bed head and board medical bed nursing home care

ABS bed head and board medical bed nursing home care 1.Easy to install 2.Detachable,save volume

Hot sales!!!Best wooden used home care nursing medical beds

1.Wood Grained Laminated head/foot boards 2.Anti-aging and anti-rust 3.Quality assurance: CE,FDA,ISO9001,ISO13485 approved

VB Care B60 body wet wipe hot and cold towel made in Japan disposable antibacterial wipes oil wipe and nursing home care

1 Hygiene products 2 Innovative antibacterial body wet wipe 3 One of our VB-Virus Block* series 4 Made in Japan *Patened